Some Canadian Literary History

Greetings readers. It is soggy, cranky Frodo here. I shall tell you my tales of woe some other time – suffice to say it was a miserable day yesterday- involving foot licking drama and rain. The only thing that got me through the day was treats. Lots of treats.

But today I wanted to share some Canadian literary history. Because it involves canines AND Nova Scotia.

You see, on this day in 1861, a woman by the name of Margaret Marshalls Saunders was born in Milton, Nova Scotia. Now – did you know that Margaret wrote the first Canadian book to sell over a million copies?! She did. AND the book was about a dog – and written from the dog’s perspective. The book was called Beautiful Joe- and was based on the true story of a poor dog who suffered abuse at the hands of a wicked human. It was, in fact, one of the first books that brought attention to animal cruelty- and animal rescue. The original Joe was in Ontario – but Margaret changed the setting to Maine. Who knew we had such a famous canine author who came from our very province?! She reportedly always had a houseful of animals – and according to Wikipedia, would name them after the location where they were found. She supposedly had a dog named Johnny Doorstep. I hope she never found any animals in a farmer’s field after he fertilized it….. Anyway, there is a park named after Joe in Ontario, and a plaque dedicated to Margaret, here in Nova Scotia near her birthplace. Incidentally, she was the author of many other books and she was also very socially involved in organizations advocating human and animal rights. Sounds like quite the woman.

That’s my contribution for today. Birthday wishes to Margaret. Although she did die in 1947. Still. We celebrate her and I believe we should do so with biscuits. Copious amounts of biscuits.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

One thought on “Some Canadian Literary History

  1. When I was teaching I took a seminar on animal abuse and was given a class set of Beautiful Joe for the children. We read it together and it stirred the hearts of the children to realize that animals require love, kindness, and respect. I had forgotten this book as it was long ago. Thank you so much fir reminding me and for this information about the author.


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