The first neighborhood dog “debate”

Hello readers. Frodo again. Today I must share a story that the beatnik wanted to tell – but I thought it a bit more appropriate that I tell the tale. Because I was forced to observe part of it – and he was directly involved…

On Wednesday evening, we went for a lovely walk after supper. The snow has pretty much disappeared, save for the odd shady spot. We actually went for a walk on the golf course- and since the geese seem to have moved on, it was a peaceful, non-eventful walk.

As we approached home, we passed by our neighbors’ home. Also the home to Max. Max is a happy mid to large sized all-Canadian multi breed dog – and you may recall, long ago Viktor and I met Max. And everything was fine. We did the traditional butt sniffing, looked at each other while our humans chatted and life was fine. HOWEVER, the beatnik had never met Max….

So as we passed Max’s driveway, her highness glanced and saw Max approaching slowly up his driveway. And the hair on his back was standing straight up. Now before you assume that was an aggressive posture – let me assure you that when we dogs raise the hair on our hackles, it can be for excitement, fear, anxiety or yes, anger. Some have described it like goosebumps that humans experience. Anyway, her highness knew I had been fine with Max so she stood still and let me go over. I was of course on leash, as was the beatnik. What she didn’t anticipate was that the beatnik, in his joyous sense of greeting, would jump up and down, probably scaring the poop out of Max. So here was Max with a bouncing beatnik and me – who might also have let out a bark or two – right in his face. So Max said “enough!” And he and the beatnik got into a….hmmmm…. heated discussion. Meanwhile, in the pandemonium, somehow her highness dropped the beatnik’s leash. Max’s human came to get him- but the beatnik wasn’t about to say “game over” so he continued to jump around and bark. Her highness called him ( which was a waste of breath) so she tied yours truly to a pole and went to retrieve the beatnik who had followed Max and his human back to their home.

She was able to grab his leash and the “game” was over. The beatnik actually laid down. So she doesn’t feel he was being aggressive – BUT his barking and jumping was NOT something Max appreciated or understood. Heck – I live with him and I don’t understand him half the time. Then again – he does respect me – so he knows enough not to be too jumpy and barky around me.

Thankfully, everyone was FINE after the skirmish. Although her highness did collapse when she got in the house. She contacted Max’s humans and he was fine too. So peace and happiness were restored once again.

Good thing her highness had that wine delivery the other day….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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