A special week. Somewhere.

Yo readers. Elroy here. Yeah – so you heard the story of my exuberant meeting with Max. Who knew he didn’t appreciate a big dog jumping and barking in his face? Seriously. I just wanted to play. At least I think I did.

Anyway. Do you know what May 3- May 9, 2020 is?!! Before I tell you, it was the Boss who said this had to be our topic today. Not my thing . But when the Boss speaks (and he does A LOT), I listen. Anyway, it’s National Postcard week! I know – who cares, right? Well I guess deltiologists do. That’s the fancy name for two-leggeds who collect postcards. So in 1984, they proclaimed the first full week of May as National Postcard week. That’s why you see so many postcard festivities all around. Ha. That was my attempt to be funny. Pretty good, eh? So why am I writing about this and what does it have to do with dogs. I’m sure you are thinking that right now.

Well as you know, our human collects old dog stuff. Among other junk. And included in her dog collection is surprise surprise- dog postcards. She has a bunch. Like not in the thousands or anything – but enough to put in an album. Or in frames…So today, the Boss suggested I share some with you. So here we go….

First we have a few cards where the actual BREED of dog is identified somewhere on the card. Some of these are not particularly old but they are not brand new either.

Like here we have a Newfoundland and a yellow Lab. Not sure how these guys would do in a show ring..

Here’s an English bulldog. Not a great condition card but you can still see the dog. Isn’t he just a sweet looking guy…or wait…girl…

Here we have some Pomeranians in black and white….I haven’t seen many in this color…

Here we have what is labeled on the back as the English Sheepdog…They could almost pass for Beardies!

These are labeled as Poltalloch terriers. We know them better as West Highland White terriers or Westies….

These guys are labeled as Staghounds. I’m thinking they are Foxhounds. But I’m no hound expert…

Now a bit of trivia …..did you know that St. Bernards were originally bred for rescue work in the mountains of Switzerland/Italy? There was a hospice built by monks in the Alps – and they acquired their first dogs between 1660 and 1670. They started breeding them and using them as working dogs in mountain rescue. Here’s a little video about them:


And here are some postcards from the days when the hospice was still operational..

OK. Here we have some cards where the breeds are not labeled, but I think we can guess what they are… like this Poodle…

And this pug…

And this looks like maybe a Border Terrier?

This one I’m not sure…Are they terriers?

OK. This next group I’m calling the Dollar Store Dog shots…They are all dressed up. Poor dogs. I feel their pain.

And her highness always liked this poor fella because she thought it might be a Bernese puppy…

We have more real photo cards – here are a few…like this fella with his Bulldog…

This poor guy who never was sent…

And this sled dog team pulling a canoe from Porcupine?

Our next group of cards is what I call “kids and dogs.” These are just a few…

OK. Enough for today. There are more of course with different artists’ paintings of dogs too. We might have actually shown you some of these cards before – but given that her highness can’t even remember what day it is, it’s no surprise if you’ve seen them before. Pretend you haven’t, even if you have. If that makes any sense.

Note we have not seen any PONs or Picard cards. Her highness is always on the hunt.

I’ll close with one last card – and it’s probably one of her highness’ favorite cards. Probably because it’s a good depiction of what happens in this household when she tries to teach us anything new. It’s called The Dogs School – and I’ll include some close up shots!

Don’t see any PONs or Picards. I say we skipped class.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “A special week. Somewhere.

  1. Wonderful photos! You have a great collection, Linda. I really enjoyed seeing them.


    On Mon., May 4, 2020, 6:41 a.m. Viktorsviews. The Next Chapter., wrote:

    > frodopon posted: ” Yo readers. Elroy here. Yeah – so you heard the story > of my exuberant meeting with Max. Who knew he didn’t appreciate a big dog > jumping and barking in his face? Seriously. I just wanted to play. At least > I think I did. Anyway. Do you know what Ma” >


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