Tale of woe

Frodo here. I am here to tell you my personal story of woe. Now while I recognize that the world is currently experiencing challenges and tragedies the scope of which are often unimaginable, I am a dog. And for me, a world crushing blow is when my dinner is late. Or I must be groomed. So excuse me if you think that my complaints are trivial. We dogs view the world very differently. For example, we don’t CARE about politics. Unless there is some ruling that directly affects us canines. Like extra taxes on dog food or treats. We canines are not liberal or conservative. Our dogma is simple. Live. Every day. Play lots of games. Smell the world around you. Eat everything in your bowl. ( Unless you are a Picard- then stare at everything in your bowl). Guard your home. Roll freely. Love your human. Sleep wherever and whenever you want. Wag a lot.

Humans could follow our lead.

All that being said – I was VERY cranky yesterday. So much for my Zen dogma. Why you might ask? Because we awoke to a snowy landscape. We had snow all day on Tuesday and instead of following the “rules of APRIL” – it did not disappear overnight. So there was snow on the lawn and on the driveway yesterday morning. Sure- it LOOKED pretty. But it was WET snow. The kind the results in this….

We went for our morning constitutional and yours truly could hardly make it home. This phenomenon is expected in JANUARY- but not in April. Our walk needed to be aborted when I could no longer move.

Of course when we got home, her highness had the “perfect” solution. Rinse me off in the tub. So she dragged me into the garage and put me on the grooming table. She walked around the table to the tub. It was at that instant that I attempted my escape. Just as I went to jump off the table – she grabbed me from behind. Game on. I put my feet over the edge of the table in an attempt to throw myself off. Meanwhile, she held me from behind with her arms somehow under my bellie. I pushed with all my might. In a futile use of her breath she kept repeating “stop it. Stop it.” The wrestling match raged on for what seemed like hours but was probably 20 seconds. She finally gave a valiant heave and I lost my grip on the table. I was hoisted aloft, swung around and plopped into the tub. She then used a stream of warm water to melt the offensive snow balls. The melting took less time than the battle.

She took me out of the tub and I marched into the kitchen. The beatnik heard the battle cries – so he had settled on the dog bed with his snowball feet carefully tucked under his body. Admittedly, his snow feet were not as bad as mine. Still – the snow feet warden called him to come into the garage. Of course, he wasn’t going. She marched over to the bed with a leash in hand and escorted him to the tub. He didn’t bother to put up a battle.

So that was my tale of woe. BUT – by the late afternoon yesterday, the snow had pretty much disappeared. Joy, happiness and dog Zen are back in our boring, quarantine life. Ahhhh. Bliss.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

One thought on “Tale of woe

  1. Although the snow didn’t cling to my toes in huge, painful balls, I too was dismayed that the rules of April had been broken.
    Reading your post cheered me immensely. The warm water on your poor paws. Ah, relief.
    Your dogma made me laugh. I was surprised at how much I share with you.
    Now the sun is out, the snow is gone. Have a great day.
    Thanks Linda for another paw warning tale.

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