Greetings readers. Frodo here. Happy Sunday. The sun has been shining so far this weekend and we are hoping for another spring-like day today.

Well no bear sightings yet but we do have another wildlife story to share.

I bet you thought thought PONs and Picards were in the Herding group. Well – it turns out we are bird dogs at heart. Sort of.

Last evening, just before sunset, we went for a walk on the golf course. And it was evident we had company. You could hear them from quite a distance away. And there were only two. Two big Canada Geese.

First the beatnik spotted them. And he did his imitation of a Pointer. But it looks more like he has a sore paw. He stood like this for about a minute.

Here you see the two of us intently watching them. You can only barely see one in the photo – the other one went over the hill and into the water. By this point, yours truly made them aware that we were watching – by shouting out a cheery “hello.”

We continued on our walk, leaving the honk machines behind. We walked for quite a while, and as we were heading for home, we heard something in the distance. They were coming for us. Kind of. And the beatnik was intrigued.

Have you ever seen a large dog jump in the air in a futile attempt to catch a goose? From where you see him in the photos. He had about as much luck catching a goose as he did of catching an airplane. It was a sight to behold. But unfortunately not captured on camera.

Now her highness didn’t need to worry about him taking off after the geese because he was on a leash. And she didn’t need to worry about me- because I’m well behaved. Or so she thought. I took off to say hello. However, I stopped to reconsider when I realized the size of them…

While I do enjoy the fresh “deposits” left by the honk machines, I wasn’t completely sure about whether I wanted to meet them up close and personal. In the meantime, her highness and the beatnik came over and my meeting opportunity was aborted when I was put on a leash.

We sadly continued on our journey, with both of us looking over our shoulders to be sure they weren’t really coming for us. Not that they could surprise us. I have finally met another creature that makes more noise than yours truly.

Wonder who we’ll meet today…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

One thought on “Geese

  1. Hahaha, we have 2 of those Canada Geese here. They viit the local fishing lake. Nosiy devils, sounds like more of them. Don’t tangle with them 😉


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