Yo readers. Elroy FINALLY here. It seems like when the topics are serious, the Boss gets to write the blog. Not that things around here aren’t still feeling pretty serious – but we’re deciding to focus on other things today – so I get to share MY views.

News from paradise. Well, the delivery guy came yesterday! I was lounging in the bedroom, so I didn’t hear him arrive. I was on a union break from guard dog duties. So the Boss was on patrol and aptly threw himself against the door, shouting out his warning. It is always quite the display.

Now besides the fact that there were dog treats in the box that arrived, there were some replacement fetch toys AND some other new toys. The replacements were for worn out toys. And – I’m probably not supposed to mention this – but ONE of our fetch toys is currently located on the roof. Yup. Her highness is so coordinated. During the VERY FIRST THROW the other day, she pitched it right onto the roof. I looked all around the yard wondering where it went! So now we wait for the next big wind storm to blow it down.

Besides those toys, we also got these soft, fuzzy indoor balls – which are about the size of a softball.


Well. Let me tell you – they were a crowd favorite. OK. Maybe two of us isn’t really a crowd – but we both liked them. Her highness was tossing them around and of course, the Boss was retrieving his. I preferred to run and get mine and then toss it around myself. Now because they are soft, her highness wouldn’t leave us to play with them unsupervised because it is possible we could perform surgery on them. But they are great for supervised play!

In other news, it seems that the springtime arrival of wildlife is in full swing. In addition to the porcupine spotting the other day, we have also seen some bunnies. Actually- we didn’t see all the bunnies. Her highness posted this embarrassing photo of me and the Boss, standing probably 10 feet away from Mr. Cottontail.

Yup. We missed him. BUT – for those who think it’s because we have hair in our eyes, I am here to reassure you that we DO see bunnies. Like later that day when we were going for a walk to the lake. We JUST stepped out the door. The Boss was free, but I was on a leash . Her highness made the big mistake of not looking out the door first…..

The next thing she knew, the Boss had taken off. Yours truly bolted to the end of my leash – causing her highness, who was busy closing the front door, to let go. She watched the scene in horror – – – which was like something out of an African wildlife safari video – with three animals racing in slow motion. Bunny in the lead. PON 3 feet behind bunny and Picard 3 feet behind PON. She knew that yelling at us to stop was futile – so she took off running. Anyway, the Boss stopped where the lawn meets the woods. He didn’t want to get his feet muddy. I nearly ran into him, screeching to a halt. Meanwhile the long earred rodent was gone. Darn.

Besides porcupines and bunnies, a neighbor notified everyone on the road that it appears we have a larger newcomer. Yup. A bear. We haven’t seen him or her yet- but her highness sure made some racket last night when we went out for our last pee of the night.

Today is Friday. So they say. Who knows what day it is when you are basically home all the time?! For those who are working – we thank you for your service – and happy weekend!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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