Trying times

Frodo here again. I must say it’s difficult to write a blog when the tragedy here in Nova Scotia continues to grow- each day. To write something funny and to appear as if everything is back to normal somehow seems “disrespectful” of the tremendous loss that is felt across our province. Yes – life goes on. But the effects of this will live on for a very, very long time.

That being said, the purpose of this blog, from the beginning, was purely to brighten other people’s days. Viktor started this to put a smile on the faces of others. He felt that by sharing our day to day adventures, some people might be able to relate to our sometimes hmmmm….”wayward” behavior. Also it gave others the chance to remark about her highness- “better her than me.” In the process, we have also shared useless trivia, shopping tips and world dog news. But again – all of this was to hopefully put a smile on a face or two. So for that reason, we are continuing to tell our tales during these difficult times. Because most of us could definitely use a smile – whether because of the tragedy or the pandemic. So we will continue to try our best to let you leave sadness behind for a few minutes. Depending on your reading speed.

So what is new in our household? Nothing. Have a nice day.

Just joking. My keen sense of joke delivery delights me.

We all know that the beatnik is the world’s most finicky eater. Yes – his appetite HAS improved. And he will now eat banana pieces and blueberries without spitting them out and examining them like a scientist in a lab. But OVERALL, he does not behave like a VP. Vacuum PON. As a result, her highness has generally not had to worry TOO much about him stealing things from counters. Yes- there was the toast licking episode, but as a RULE, he is trustworthy.

So the other day when her highness finished her own meal, and sliced a few small pieces of fat that had been on her meat -to add to our food- she didn’t think twice when she went into the garage to get our food bowls. So imagine her shock when she came back to the kitchen to find the beatnik with two paws on the counter, thoroughly cleaning off the plate. “Hey” she shouted. He turned around, still with the two paws on the counter and looked at her as if to say “you needed something?” She raced to the counter and he rather reluctantly jumped down. Smacking his lips.

Frankly, I am jealous of his height. He is easily able to access counter food – while yours truly is forced to precariously balance and jump up and down on two legs. I think I need to work out some kind of “arrangement” with him…

The other bit of news here is that we learned some wildlife trivia. Did you know porcupines can run? Her highness has always seen them moving fairly slowly like me on a rainy day. But the other evening, we took a walk and her highness spotted one running over a hill on the golf course. The beatnik never noticed – but I DID spot him. Thankfully I was on leash because there is no doubt in her highness’ mind that I would have raced over to say a happy hello. She literally looked to the skies and said a little prayer of thanksgiving. Personally, I think it would have made for great blog material.

So far, the online shopping deliveries have been arriving by mail to our postal box at the end of the road- and not delivery to our door. So we are forced to bark at nothing. I like to play a pretend game of “fake delivery person” at least once a day. I throw myself at the door and begin my tirade – forcing her highness to get up from the sofa (that is becoming rather indented in one spot) – or from the bathroom and walk to the door. The beatnik has his own barking game. But usually it involves him barking in a VERY menacing tone at his reflection in the deck door. I’m not joking. Really. This still happens. He is such a delight.

Finally, on this day in 1970, the first Earth Day was celebrated. That’s WAY before my time. But my ancient human remembers it. It is quite interesting that since this pandemic began, the Earth has begun to “recover” from its own virus. Skies over cities are clearer, rivers are cleaner and wildlife is being seen in places they don’t always frequent. So while the pandemic itself is horrible, and a very dark cloud…there actually IS a silver lining. Keep looking for those bright spots…we need them in times like these.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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