A Nova Scotia tragedy….

Frodo here. Today’s blog is tough. Very tough. But we’ve shared some tough stories with you in the past – so to not write about this would be wrong. Life is not all biscuits and treats.

We live in Nova Scotia, Canada. If you don’t know where that is, but you know US geography, you basically go up to Maine and turn right. We are pretty much surrounded by water.

Nova Scotia is known for its lovely scenery, its seafood and the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. OK. Maybe some other stuff too – but those are my priorities.

Her highness says we live in a well-kept-secret place in the world. Sure we get snow in the winter – but then there are no ticks! Our summers are nice and our autumns are known for a beautiful explosion of colors. We have no poisonous snakes or deadly insects. Yes we have bears, and moose and PORCUPINES- but you’re not likely to step on one in your lawn. Or find one in your garage.

We have a couple of cities that offer all the amenities of a HUGE city. We have dog clubs throughout the province and dog shows throughout the spring, summer and fall. When we’re not having a pandemic. You can do pretty much any dog thing you want here – beauty pageants, agility, obedience, field trials, lure coursing, dock jumping, herding, rally – we have all of that.

Nova Scotia is a BIG tourist destination- with the world famous Peggy’s Cove lighthouse not far from our house. The next time you go, be sure to stop in. I’ll bark like I don’t want you to come in – but it’s all for show. Sort of. Just joking. Maybe.

Anyway, our happy corner of the world had a major tragedy yesterday. You can Google the details -but suffice to say, a very sick man took the lives of many innocent people – including an RCMP officer. The whole story is shocking, sad and downright devastating. You know how humans look at the news and think “that could never happen here?” Well our blissful bubble was burst yesterday. Hearts were shattered. And it feels like our peaceful paradise has been violated.

Between that and the virus, it leaves humans asking the question “Why?”

And you know – sometimes there just is no answer. It’s kind of like asking why the beatnik stands and stares at his food dish like it’s about to do a dance. Who knows why he does it. Or why I choose to sleep contorted in the most awkward locations in the house. There is no logical explanation. Or why Viktor left us way too soon….

But one thing I do know. Nova Scotia has seen tragedy….The Halifax Explosion. The first port to receive victims from the Titanic. The Swiss Air crash….There have been mining tragedies. And fishermen lost at sea….And we have mourned those terrible losses. And gone on….And we will do it again….

This video is not new- and in fact, some of the faces are no longer with us – but, well I think it’s a good theme – for all of us. No matter where we live – especially during trying times.


Peace…..Stay safe.

3 thoughts on “A Nova Scotia tragedy….

  1. Dear Frodo, My heart has been doing funny flip flops since I heard this terrible news. Thank you for reminding me of all that we have in our beautiful province. Thank you for replacing my flip flops with goose bumps and tears. We humans are strange. That way. Sometimes tears can feel good. Enjoy your your treats today.


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