Frodo here. Did you know that on this day in 1924, the first crossword puzzle book was published by Simon and Schuster? I didn’t. I obviously know many things – but frankly, that fact wasn’t in my repertoire of useless facts.

In honor of this occasion, and also because you likely have lots of time on your hands if you are being smart and staying home, allow me to share some websites with crossword puzzles. Having to do with dogs, of course.

This first one is a generic puzzle with a variety of dog facts. It also includes a very basic puzzle if you are not feeling very dog-facty.

Then we have this puzzle with all kinds of facts about service dogs…

Next we have a dog anatomy crossword puzzle…

And then if that is not enough, you can order this book on Amazon.

Her highness does an assortment of word puzzles in the newspaper each morning. Some days she appears to be smarter than others.

She has almost finished her most recent project – thank goodness. It is a hooking. Of a PON head. Or she says that’s what it is. I suppose if one holds it at a great distance and squints, one might be able to make out the PON. It will eventually be made into a pillow.

Now we know how someone, who shall remain nameless, likes to chew pillowcases in this household… That pillow could be mighty tasty. Just joking. Although, while her highness was busily working on this hooking, SOMEONE whose name begins with “E” started pulling out wool from one of the other rug hookings that she did. It resulted in an immediate eviction from the DFZ. I can hardly WAIT for the new dining room carpet to arrive…

Well time to take her highness for her much needed walk. Before she begins another new project.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. And stay safe.

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