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Greetings readers. Frodo here. The beatnik is currently lying on the dog bed with his feet in the air, so I have the pleasure of writing today’s earth-shatteringly stimulating update. I jest. But not about the feet in the air part.

Speaking of which, I must give you a beatnik update. One night, at around 1 AM during this lockdown, the beatnik began barking at yours truly who was resting peacefully on her highness’ bed. Her highness, who was attempting to sleep, told him to quiet down. He did no such thing and in fact nudged at me on the bed. Her highness, who had not had a good nights sleep the previous night, told him to go in his crate. You KNOW she must have been tired – as she never does that. The only problem was that “the mat” was in his crate. She thought this would be the answer to the question – “Could he actually sleep in the crate WITH the mat?” He went in and she closed the door to see what would happen. He sat there for the longest time- with her highness watching him – because truth be told – she didn’t want to “torture” him – or traumatize him for life. For non-dog people who are reading this, yes- she worries about PTME. Post traumatic mat event. She’s a crazy dog person – and add to that quarantine and you get a truly unique human. The likes of which have never been seen before. But I digress. The beatnik DID eventually lie down and sleep and the next morning was not in a huge rush to get out of his crate. “Great” her highness thought “he is over his mat phobia”. Yeah not so much. Since then, she has left the crate door open – with the mat inside, and he won’t go in. Take out the mat….and he goes right in.

Now for the stimulating part of the blog. Her highness began a new “project” yesterday. It was a rainy day – so she decided not to go out. (That was my idea of a joke.) Anyway, you will have to wait and see what she is NOW doing. No doubt another masterpiece that will end up in the garage….

During a break from her masterpiece, she saw a request on Instagram by a local singer for cute dogs for a possible music video. Well. You know she needed to record a video of yours truly doing something cute tricks. The following video only took about a dozen attempts. And THEN her highness read the instructions which said that the video needed to be candid and taken horizontally. So much for my potential debut in film.

Still. the treats were brilliant. She didn’t attempt to video the beatnik as he doesn’t really have any tricks. Sure – he’s super cute- but how could he possibly do a music video when he looks away if a camera comes out?

Yesterday our walks were short because it was rainy. Today looks cool – but thankfully sunny. Let the walking begin!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe!

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