Hey readers. Elroy here. Yup. We are still isolated. Except we have a brand new game! Barking at delivery people!

Yup. One of her highness’ new pastimes is buying stuff. Online! It’s a great way to see another human being in the flesh – from a distance. Yup. And all of her orders are reasonable. At least in her mind. Like some headbands to control her ever-growing unusual hairdo. She’s starting to resemble the Boss.

Then she ordered – are ya ready- a new carpet for the dining room!!!! JUST like the one that is there now! She tried to repair my “chewed corner” art – but it’s kind of hopeless unless you have like an industrial sewing machine. And sewing it by hand does not really result in a sturdy repair – as I have so quickly pointed out. She also figures that since she’s pretty much with us 24-7, she can catch me should I begin my crafting skills again. How long did this one last? I should check.

What else is coming? Oh! A new long line for yours truly. The plastic marine rope she was using for me wasn’t REALLY the best. And I’ll be swimming again soon. So she ordered a 30 foot fancy schmancy line for me. I’ll let you know how it works. It will also be good if I attempt to take off in the woods. She will be able to catch me. Although I AM getting a bit better at not taking off. A bit. I still do like to walk and roll in tall grasses though. And YESTERDAY, horror of horrors, she found a TICK on me!!!! We need to start using our tick spray more religiously. Clearly ticks don’t understand social distancing….

What else? Oh yeah. Her highness kind of loves a nap every now and again. If we let her. Anyway the other day she fell asleep and kind rolled on her glasses. They are now a bit crooked – a perfect compliment to her wild hair…

After that debacle she decided to order glasses. Online. Really. She did it once before and they were fine – so she did it again. They cost about a quarter of what her other glasses cost. Did we ever tell you she’s the queen of online shopping? Mind you not ALL bargains turn out to be great buys. She should start a blog about it..

Oh and last but not least – she discovered she could order wine online. THANK goodness. She ordered a case. She enjoys a glass of wine with supper – and toasts to us each night.

She ordered groceries online yesterday- but she can’t pick them up until next Monday. Good thing she has plenty to eat until then. Just between you and me – she COULD afford to skip a meal every now and then. She’s gonna be in one big panic when this isolation thing is over and she can’t wear those giant sweat pants everywhere she goes….

So the Boss and I look forward to all the deliveries. He throws himself against the door and I put my two paws on the edge of the kitchen sink in an attempt to look out the kitchen window. The guys usually leave pretty quickly. I think it’s because we scare them off. The Boss rolled his eyes and said they have more deliveries. Spoil sport.

Anyway it’s a new day. Let’s see if we can convince her highness to order us some new toys online…..

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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