Distances. And farts.

Howdy blog readers. Elroy here. Well you can see from the photo that boredom strikes again in our household. Um. I didn’t see photos of any readers doing this with their dogs. I’m thinking you must not be as bored as we are….

I hope you are all staying safe and distant. It’s so important – and as our Premier here in Nova Scotia has so eloquently said, “Stay the blazes home!”

As we know, the Boss maintains social distancing by barking at anyone he encounters. And you know – we canines have excellent mathematical skills and can easily calculate distances without a measuring tape. For example, we were out for a walk the other morning and while yours truly was on leash, the Boss was free. He can be let off leash because he is generally obedient. Note I said generally. One thing he does that drives her highness as crazy as a bunch of wet cats is his “sampling” of wildlife byproducts. In other words – he likes to hunt out poop. Rabbit poop, pheasant poop, goose poop – according to him, each one has its own delectable palate. When he suddenly picks up the scent, he can’t wait to find his treasure. And when he stops, her highness knows he has found his prize. Of course she shouts “leave it.” And that’s when the Boss’ distance calculation skills are put to the test. Can he consume his newfound snack BEFORE her highness races to stop him? Is his distance far enough away?

If he calculates that the distance is not enough, he leaves his tender morsel. But if he sees the distance is far enough, it’s munch time. Then he bolts so she can’t catch him. He has distance calculation skills down to an art.

Hey do you know what day it is? Probably not if you’re not working. But I mean do you know what April 8 is? It is…..get ready….Dog Farting Awareness Day! I’m not kidding!! And did you know that some scientists have studied dog farts?! Her highness wants to know who funded the research. Here’s an article all about the science of dog farts.


I’d like to see the human who did the sniff rating introduced at a party. And what is it you do? Why I’m a dog farts Odor Judge. Wonder where you train for that.

The other night while we were all relaxing in the DFZ, SOMEBODY let out a series of audible farts. Her highness looked up from her book to see where the offending toots originated. Because neither I nor the Boss moved she tried to localize where the sound originated. She couldn’t figure it out. And we weren’t saying anything.

Hey – I just realized from the title of this blog that the subjects go together! And I wasn’t even trying to be funny. Anyway , I hope you let loose and enjoy the holiday!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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