Entertainment. And a challenge.

Cheery morning greetings my friends. Frodo here. We have an incredibly busy day ahead of us – following her highness wherever she goes. Although lately, a good portion of her time is spent on the sofa. Or standing in front of the refrigerator. Her time on the sofa is often spent swirling through social media. Which ended up resulting in a rather odd activity for us canines yesterday….

Her highness was looking at Instagrab. That’s what I call it as it grabs countless minutes and you don’t know WHERE they went. Anyway, she “follows” multiple pages – most of which are dog related. Surprise. Surprise. And she came across a photo which captured her forever wandering attention. It was a photo of a dog. Surrounded by treats.

Well. She had to explore this activity further. And she came across something called the Tatort Challenge. She couldn’t find an English language explanation of the task – but from what she was able to gather, it requires putting your dog in a position, surrounding him with kibble or treats and taking his photo. I gather the outline is like a crime scene outline. Here is a video depicting dogs attempting this task.


So. Need I tell you what happened next? OF COURSE she had to see if we could meet the challenge. Now she knew I could be obedient and stay in place – BUT could I resist the urge to sample a treat while she took photos? It turned out I could:

And bonus. You get all the treats when you are finished.

So the next question. Could the beatnik stay in place. Now we know he wouldn’t really care about the kibble – BUT could he stay still long enough for her to surround him and to take the photo.

Guess what? He passed too!

Next she will try to get us to stay in other positions. At least that’s what she said yesterday. Although with her wandering attention, who knows WHAT will happen next! In the meantime, I encourage you to try the challenge and post your photos on Facebook under our blog. We would LOVE to see what you can do.And let’s face it – you have lots of time… And if you don’t have a dog, perhaps you could try it with your cat. Good luck with that.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Entertainment. And a challenge.

  1. Krystal doing the challenge. Don’t know how to post this on the PON sight but you have my permission to share. Happy Easter to you all



  2. Krystal doing the challenge don’t know how to share on PON sight so feel free to share. LIN



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