A Canine Service Announcement

Yo. Elroy here. So we’ve had some pretty wild weather here the past two days. Even wild for me. It was raining. And blowing. The Boss did NOT want to go out. He was frozen in the doorway. Her highness had to put him on a leash so he would even move. As soon as he pooped, she let him free and he raced back to the front door. I was pokey the first day but by the second day I produced almost instantaneous results. Hopefully today will be sunny.

So now for my serious message….

As everybody knows – the world is in a mess right now. Humans are sick. Humans are scared. And humans are dying.

And boy oh boy if humans watch the news it can get down right depressing. I’m mean this is a worse tragedy than chewed up pillowcases. By the way – her highness now has a matching pair. But that’s another story.

Yes. The news is not good. Not good at all. And it makes one very sad. And feeling helpless. With no end in sight. So. Here’s my suggestion. Don’t watch the news for hours on end. Watching just makes you feel worse. It’s kind of like sticking your hand on a hot surface. Would you keep doing that over and over again? Thinking it has instantaneously cooled down?! I hope not!!! Sure – you should know if some change has been happening in your community – but trust me – if something super good happens – you will quickly find out about it. For now – and for the next while – the news will NOT be good. So why torture yourself? Instead – do one thing that can make a big difference in this disaster. Do nothing. Go nowhere. Stay home. Play with your dog. We’ve been waiting for this pandemic all our lives.

We do know, though, that not everyone has the luxury of staying home. And much as you may feel it’s horrible to be in hibernation – it IS a LUXURY. Be thankful for those folks who are allowing you to enjoy your luxury – like those who work in food services – from grocery store clerks to truck drivers who deliver the food. And of course – the many medical professionals.

I fully advocate an “ignorance is bliss” motto for the next few weeks. Heck – I advocate that all the time. Ever see me training in obedience? The less you know – the more treats you get. The Boss taught me that.

Staying at home and staying away from others will not “cure” the virus. It will slow the spread. And it will buy the scientists time. Time to find a super quick test to see if someone has or has had the virus and time to develop a vaccine. I know there are some super smart humans out there – the Border Collies of the human race who WILL find a solution. But just like you can’t train a Picard all the exercises to compete in an obedience trial in a week or two – you can’t expect a quick answer to this pandemic. The scientists need time. And YOU can give it to them.

So that’s my speech. OK. OK. Frodo helped. But the ignorance is bliss part was all mine….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. And stay safe.

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