Mish mash

Greetings readers. Frodo here. Today our blog is what one might call a mish mash. Nothing particularly earth shattering has occurred- which given the current state of the world, I suppose that is a good thing.

You saw her highness’s efforts with regard to the tatort challenge. No doubt we will have more treats surrounding us in the coming days. Which is quite fine by me.

She also attempted to do a “selfie” with us. The word circus comes to mind. The beatnik did not want to look at the camera, and yours truly kept barking out in protest. Because I knew she had treats in her pocket – and I WAS sitting so what MORE did she want? Anyway, here are some results from the 3749 photos taken.

This photo is a strange angle. AND I might add, she had yours truly in a strangle hold. I look like I’m happy, but I’m trying to breathe.

In this one, the beatnik and I are bird watching instead of looking at the camera.

In this one…well….this is what we were thinking….

Then we all decided to study the treat on the ground for this one…

Given the most recent forecast about social isolation, I have a feeling there will be more selfies in our future. Heaven help us.

What else is new? Ah. The propane incident. The other day a truck arrived from the company that delivers the propane for our fireplace. Her highness cranked open the kitchen window to find out why he was here. Of course she could not hear a WORD he was saying because yours truly was throwing myself against the front door and shouting out loud warnings to the intruder. And interestingly, the beatnik joined in as well. Her highness ended up putting us in the garage so she could open the door to talk to the man – at a proper distance. It seems our tank was listing to one side, and a delivery man from the week before noted the problem – so this man was here to fix the tilt. That was all well and good. EXCEPT her highness did not know how to relight the fireplace after the work would be done. The man said he could not come in to do it – but tried to explain the steps to her highness – over the sounds of my barking from the garage. Her highness doesn’t fear many things. She is not bothered by bears. She loves flying. She doesn’t love snakes or spiders or mice – but doesn’t have to call in reinforcements should one appear. But propane…well I should mention that we have a charcoal barbecue because of some strange event having to do with an ex husband and a propane grill – that was well before my time. Her highness fears propane. So imagine her having to relight the fireplace. We were sequestered in another room and instructed to run for help should an explosion occur. Thankfully we did NOT need to perform a “Lassie” and after a tense half hour ( which included a call to the propane company after the repairman left) we heard shouts of joy when we again had fire. Like some prehistoric cavewoman – her highness did the fire dance of happiness. The beatnik just stared at her.

Today is Good Friday – a very holy day before Easter Sunday. I understand that it is a day of fasting. And no meat. Well that’s all well and good for the beatnik. He won’t care. But me? I’ll starve without eating my full meals. Thankfully, I eat fish and sweet potatoes – so I don’t have to worry about the meatless part. And honestly, I think dogs are exempt from the fasting part. It will be good for her highness. She could use a day of fasting after her many recent trips to the refrigerator.

Yikes. I JUST realized what I said. Sunday is EASTER. And you know what THAT means. We can only pray that she can’t find those blasted rabbit ears….I know she hasn’t gone to the Dollar Store – BUT there is a big bin in the garage with “apparel.” Excuse me while I hide….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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