Yo. Elroy here. So we are doing this self isolation thing with her highness. If we go out for a walk – the Boss barks like a crazy tornado if he sees anyone, so it’s easy to practice social distancing. He invented the term.

Not that we have actually seen anyone. Our neighborhood is thankfully very quiet. But we were super surprised that in the past couple of days, we have had knocks at our door – and then no one is there!!!!! BUT – food is left behind! The food fairies have arrived! Really. Her highness has had meals delivered – by our neighbors!!! As a result of their kindness, I think she’s eating better than she usually does!

I think everyone is worried that because it’s just us and her, that her highness might be going bonkers. But really – it’s not that different from our normal life. We always drive her bonkers. Mind you, she is now here 24/7 so the Boss and I can’t have a lick fest without being caught. Doesn’t stop us from trying though.

We thought things were all easy peasy until her highness got this idea that we needed to make a bunch of Public Canine Announcements. About this virus. Really? You mean two leggeds do not understand the idea of staying at home? It seems like a pretty simple concept to me – and let’s face it, my education doesn’t extend beyond two sheep herding lessons. Come on two leggeds. If YOURS TRULY knows how to sit and stay, it should be VERY easy for you! Unless of course you have to go to work -like human health care workers. Or veterinarians. Or others who work in ESSENTIAL services. Like food. Dog food to be more precise. But seriously- we need to thank all those workers who MUST go to work. They are putting THEIR health on the line. And all the other two leggeds need to do is stay home! Smarten up humans. Who would ever dream that I would be giving sound advice?! Yes -we are in strange and unchartered times – for sure.

Anyway – here are some of our announcements. We hope they give you a smile – although the message IS serious…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. And STAY HOME!

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