In home travels

Frodo here. OK. We love her. But we are becoming exhausted with her highness being home 24/7. We normally enjoy a lot of napping during the day – but now we are continually awakened from our slumber. Because we must follow her wherever she goes. No sooner do we get comfortable in the kitchen, then she goes to the bathroom. Of course we must wait outside the bathroom door. And if she’s in there too long (which in dog time is over 2 minutes), I may resort to barking to prompt her to speed things up. When she emerges, we travel to her next destination. Currently, the gates to the DFZ have been open when she is in there. So we are allowed in – past the border patrol. As long as we behave. It never fails that when the beatnik goes out of the DFZ and returns with his large Jolly Ball, that we are escorted back to the dining room. He has been told repeatedly that he is not allowed to bring that ball into the DFZ. Still – he tries.

If her highness decides to take a nap herself, we must of course, accompany her. Ordinarily the beatnik would lounge in his pony sized crate. But he can’t. Because that new mat is still inside. Yesterday we witnessed the following… He walked into his crate. He looked at the mat and immediately walked out. He then turned around and went back in. He stood for 20 seconds in his crate, staring at the mat. He came back out and went to sleep in the small hallway between the bedroom and the master bathroom.

Her highness was surprised to find him sleeping there the other day – and then she realized it’s like the area of his crate. But he can’t sleep in his crate. Because of the mat. If she takes the mat out, and puts it next to the crate, he will go in. How many weeks has this been going on?

Yesterday we didn’t take a long walk, because we had snow. When we first went out in the morning, it was wet, slushy flakes. And we know how much I adore wet and slushy. Walking as far as the road to get the paper was plenty far enough for yours truly. When her highness attempted to walk us down the road, I trudged along for about 10 feet before I pooped. Her highness announced we could go back and the sudden buoyancy in my steps was evident as I sped down the driveway. Although I didn’t want to be outside, it didn’t stop me from protesting when I was put in the house while the beatnik went down the trail to the lake to “do his thing.” I didn’t want to be out there – but I didn’t want them out there either.

Today we have sunshine in the forecast. Which is brilliant and we must take advantage of it – because there is snow in the forecast for tomorrow. But not to worry – this too shall pass.

You know – it’s a line you two leggeds need to keep repeating to yourselves. Over and over again…This too shall pass. This too shall pass…..

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay home!

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