Self isolation. Continued…

Frodo here. Well her highness has now completed 5 days of self isolation. Which is a bit of a misnomer because she is not by herself. The beatnik and I are here with her. And I must tell you, this 24/7 exposure is interesting. Quite interesting. Allow me to highlight my observations so far.

First off, she is talking to us even MORE than she normally does. It is incessant. She provides us with a running commentary about everything including the “plans” for day, which quite frankly do not vary greatly. She takes us for several walks, feeds us, plays games with us and spends time watching movies or documentaries- which I mentioned before.

She continues to look at and even enroll in some online courses, like the following:

Creating your own spring pussy willows from dryer lint and chop sticks.

Yoga with your dog (which did not go well.)

Creative recipes with two ingredients.

Using plastic wrap to style your hair. (Her hair issue is NOT going to be pretty in another week.)

Braiding your dog’s hair. (Both of us hid when she started watching this one).

Making Easter chick decorations from dog hair.

THANKFULLY – she does spend time talking to other humans either on the phone or through FaceTime. And several neighbors and friends have offered to do grocery shopping for her. Two friends even dropped off the following parcel at our front door, when there was a rumor that the liquor stores would be closing…

Probably THE most interesting observation thus far is her attire. She is outfitted in her dog clothes- sweat pants with large drawstring and a huge sweater – ALL of the time. ALL of the time. Except of course, at night when she puts on her pajamas. That’s at about 6:30PM.

Of course, MY biggest concern is that we will run out of dog food. Or treats. I KNOW that neighbors or friends will pick them up when we need them – but it DOES make me nervous. Not the beatnik. He never stresses about food. And even in these serious times when we should be grateful for our food, he spits out bananas. But not to worry – I pick up his portions. We’re obviously not worried about passing on a virus to one another. I would not suggest that humans do the same. Do not, I repeat, do not eat anyone else’s spit out banana. And STAY home as much as possible. Unless you are walking your dog. And even then, maintain social distancing.

Humans will get through this. If they are thoughtful and if they simply do nothing. Seriously- how hard can that be? If her highness- Miss-Huggy-Chatter-Mouth can isolate herself – anyone can. Mind you, if she didn’t have US – I’m not sure WHAT she would do. Yes – we canines come to the rescue once again…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. AND STAY HOME!

2 thoughts on “Self isolation. Continued…

  1. Hopefully we will all get through this. Of course things will be easier knowing we have your blog to look forward to 🙂


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