Self isolation. The countdown.

Frodo here. Well. Her highness has completed 3 days of self isolation, and already she has begun to act rather daft. Well- more daft than usual. For example, she posted on Facebook, her “plans” for the remainder of her isolation period. If you already saw them, just forge ahead:

Day 3. Enroll in YouTube Course: Cutting Your Own Hair 101

Day 4: Enroll in YouTube Course: Making Hair Dye from old shoe polish 101

Day 5: Enroll in YouTube Course: Hat making made easy

Day 6: Enroll in YouTube Course: Making Macrame Dog Leashes From Dog Hair found around the house

Day 7: Train my 10 year old dog to “sit” on command

Day 8: Enroll in TubeTube Course: Training your Dog to Sit when he doesn’t want to

Day 9: Enroll in You Tube Course: Gourmet cooking using crackers 101

Day 10: Enroll in YouTube Course: Creative uses for dried Lysol Wipes

Day 11: Play solitaire.

Day 12: Enroll in YouTube Course: Advanced solitaire

Day 13: Attempt to make hand sanitizer from Vodka

Day 14: Scrap the hand sanitizer and drink the vodka

She thinks she is amusing. We laugh along because we know she will give us treats. It’s all good fun while she watches endless documentaries and TV series on her iPad, while she hooks her rug and the Beatnik and I nap away the afternoon. However, things got “real” yesterday when she began watching a certain documentary. I have often heard that someone can see a particular film, and it is so frightening that they are forever affected by it. For her highness, the old movie “The Birds” by Alfred Hitchcock was one such film. She was very young when she first saw it- and it terrified her. Well yesterday, I decided to watch a 2019 documentary that she had come across quite by accident. Perhaps I should call it a dog-umentary. Here I am watching the horror film…

Here is the trailer for the most frightening film ever made – at least in MY opinion:

The title alone was enough to make my blood run cold, but when I saw the content – I could barely watch. Clearly her highness could not think this was entertaining?!

My fear is that this film might give her some crazy ideas as this social isolation drags onward. If I see her searching the cupboards for food dye and sharpening her scissors, I am OUT of here….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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