Saint Patrick’s Day

Yo everybody. Elroy here. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day. Yup. A French guy and a Polish guy celebrating an Irish holiday… Good times.

So her highness is a little over 24 hours into her 336 hour quarantine. And what does she decide to do? Take photos. Of us. In Dollar Store attire. And we KNOW how much I love that. But overall, I was pretty cooperative. I realized she wouldn’t give up – so better to cooperate and get it over with. Of course some photos are better than others. In this one I am half smirking…

In this one, I’m giving her highness a funny look…and I look like a unicorn.

But she kind of liked my sly look and it became this one…

This one isn’t bad….although the Boss looks more wild than normal…

This is her highness’ favorite- although clearly I don’t look like I have seen any lucky leprechauns.

Thank goodness that is over. And thank goodness she is in quarantine for the next two weeks. Because we KNOW what they have at the Dollar Store next. And because of the quarantine, she can’t go shopping! Maybe we do have the luck of the Irish. At least for the next two weeks!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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