She’s back

Frodo here. Well were we ever surprised last night! Guess who arrived home? Her highness! We were shocked. She wasn’t due back for several days. We needed to tell the party guests to leave out the back door.

Her highness told us she had a wonderful time with her family. And with Percy. Who stayed in her good graces for the remainder of her visit. They went to the mountains which was a two hour drive, and he stayed curled up on her lap for most of the drive.

As you humans know, unless you have been living in a cave without internet or TV or radio, there is a major flu virus going around. And although her highness was visiting with family – and they were all well, the virus is spreading. And governments are closing borders.

Although we were in good hands, her highness knew she had to get home to us. She said if it weren’t for us – she probably would have stayed. It’s nice to know how much she loves us. Even though she didn’t have time to get guilt gifts. And she smelled like Percy when she walked in the door. So we’ll overlook those minor indiscretions.

We still love her and joyfully demonstrated our affection when she came in the door. We can’t WAIT for the next 14 days that she gets to spend with US. And us ALONE. Yup. Just the three of us. And a stuffed bunny. Let the quarantine begin!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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