Yo. Elroy here. So guess who I had another play date with? Yup. My gal Willow. And this time she brought along her Labrador friend, Echo. Both girls gave me a run for my biscuits. Her highness didn’t bring the Boss along, because the snow was kind of wet and when we had gone for our morning walk, he repeatedly had to stop to remove snowballs. That makes him pretty grumpy. So he enjoyed some extra treats at home, while I took the girls on tour of the golf course. The ENTIRE golf course. We walked for over 1.5 hours. Well, the girls didn’t walk. Especially Willow. She loves to run. And sometimes I just gave up trying to catch them.

My favorite thing to do was to lie down on frozen ponds. And either attempt to swim on ice…

Or I would just lie there and watch Willow run around.

I DID have my moments of playing with the girls…

And sometimes I got a little TOO playful with poor Echo – who happens to be 10 years old. So her highness had to remind me to watch my manners. I was told to leave her alone – so I would just do my own thing for a bit.

And then I would return to my relaxing dog yoga position for a bit.

Willow and I did some rock climbing together , because we Picards like to get a good vantage point to check out our surroundings.

In the next photo, you see me encouraging her to climb higher. To see if the view is good. No point of both of us going up if the view is lousy.

And here’s a shot of Willow and I on patrol…

And a shot that her highness caught of Willow and her human…

At one point, her highness realized that she had left her mittens on the ground when she had stopped to take some photos. As she went back to get her mittens, Willow’s human caught this shot of me – watching where her highness was going…

As soon as her highness was out of my sight, behind the huge pile of rocks you saw in the other photos, I left this vantage point and raced to see where she was.

Of course, we had to gather for the obligatory attempt at a trio photo – which is NOT easy to get!

All in all, it was a wonderful walk! And probably THE most miraculous part? Did you happen to notice NO long line on me? AND I never took off! OK. I guess that’s not entirely true. I did have the odd moment when I pulled a Houdini disappearing act. BUT I always came back! Maybe I’m maturing. Or maybe I just preferred the company of those two lovely canine ladies.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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