A birthday

It is Frodo here. It is March 1st. Hurray. Winter will soon be over. We hope. And today I have the privilege of reminding all of you about a special birthday. It’s Frederic’s birthday. Frederic who you might ask? Why Frederic Chopin – a famous composer who some have referred to as “one of music’s earliest superstars.” And why would I be interested in a famous classical composer? Because, of course, he is Polish. Or should I say was. He died in 1849 at the young age of 39. But he sure did a lot of things in his short life.

And why, besides the fact that he was Polish, would I be interested in him? Well. Because he wrote a famous piece of music called the Minute Waltz. But it takes more than a minute to play. That part I don’t understand. BUT – the music is also known as the Waltz of the Little Dog. Because Chopin liked dogs. Apparently, Chopin had a friend who owned a little dog by the name of Marquis. And Chopin really liked that little dog. And as he was composing one day, Marquis was running around chasing his tail. Somewhere in the middle section of the waltz there are a series of notes that are supposed to represent the little bell that Marquis was wearing and ringing, as he raced around in circles. The dog was the inspiration for the piece.

Here is a short video where you can listen to the music. And see some crazy tail-chasing dogs…


That piece is great fun. But sadly, Marquis was also said to be the inspiration for the last section of Chopin’s Funeral March – when poor Marquis died. I guess Chopin really DID like that dog.

So today we HAVE to celebrate Chopin’s birthday. How could we NOT celebrate a famous Polish guy who liked dogs and even was inspired to write about one? I think this calls for pierogies all around.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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