Someone was naughty

Yo. Elroy here. You know, we got to thinking that it’s been pretty quiet since the wild grey whirlwind is gone. I mean not that he ALONE was the “naughty” dog. I’ve had my own share of carpet eating and “illegal escapes.” But let’s face it- we’ve been pretty well behaved the last couple of weeks. But that was bound to change…

Yesterday morning we had short walks because the temperature was very, very cold. Her highness announced that we were to go “quick, quick, quick” – which means poop fast. I wonder how she would feel if someone said that to her? Mind you, the Boss still continues to bark probably every second or third day when she goes into the bathroom. So that’s his own way of saying “quick, quick, quick.” He doesn’t do it EVERY time – that would be too predictable. He believes in intermittent barking – so you never REALLY know if he’s faking.

Anyway, we were a bit annoyed with the short walk. We were bored after breakfast. And after our daily yogurt container licking and our banana bites. Her highness had her breakfast while yours truly walked around squeaking and the Boss tried to hide behind a table leg so he could lick his feet in peace. Licking drives her highness crazy – and he did it partly in retaliation for the short walk.

After she had her breakfast, she announced that she was having her shower. She tells us everything she is going to do. It’s not like we are going to respond with a commentary, but she does it anyway.

We followed her into the bedroom, but she closed the bathroom door. After she was in there for a few minutes, the Boss tried his barking trick. This time she didn’t come running out but she shouted “Frodo if I come out there and there is no one there I am going to kill you.” He fell silent – knowing full well she wouldn’t “kill” him but also recognizing that when he barked the day before, and she DID come running out, he didn’t get any extra treats during the day.

So all was quiet. She took her shower and got dressed. She came out and I was curled up on the bed, near the foot. The Boss jumped off the bed and was suddenly headed out of the bedroom. She thought that odd, but as she walked by the bed she saw the reason for his hasty retreat. A giant hole in her pillowcase. I mean giant. Like baseball sized. AND a smaller hole in the duvet. And yo – what magic words did she say? “What did you do?” I never picked up my head – and she knows I’m a carpet chewer and not a bedding chewer – so she held the pillow up and ceremoniously showed it to the Boss, who was standing by the bedroom door. He turned and walked away.

She announced that she was going to meet some friends for coffee and then “maybe she would go pillowcase shopping.” She looked at the Boss when she made that announcement. Still, she DID give us treats when she left. She always does. SHE’S so predictable.

I think that was the last set of intact pillowcases – except for the ones in the guest bedrooms. Any wonder why those bedroom doors are always closed?

I guess it’s clear that the Boss’ teeth aren’t bothering him. Yup. Good times have returned.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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