No vet

Greetings blog readers. Frodo here. Well it has been quite the turn of events here. As you may recall, yours truly had an unfortunate dental incident last week. I broke my canine tooth. It now matched the other canine tooth which I broke several years ago.

In the aftermath of the “explosion” as the beatnik would call it, I felt a bit odd. I could tell that something was “different” in my mouth, but I didn’t know why. It literally left me speechless. I was silent. I would not bark – even when encouraged to do so. Which signaled a problem to her highness. Much as she is continually telling me to keep my opinions to myself – or at least to whisper when I do so, she interestingly became concerned when I was suddenly silent. So off we went to the vet.

Our vet looked at my tooth and suggested we remove it. Well, not WE – she would be the one doing the removal. And her highness agreed. The appointment was made for today.

Since then, of course, I have felt much better and the tooth is no longer bothering me. I have returned to my previously chatty persona. I eat anything (although that was never really a problem) – but I did also start chewing on toys again.

As a result of my miraculous recovery, her highness began to worry about my surgery. You see, in dogs such as myself who have cardiac issues, a different type of anesthetic is used. Now I had it for my unfortunate testicular surgery and my subsequent surgery for necrosis- but her highness was still concerned. No surgery is without risk. And perhaps she is still feeling overly worried – given the passing of my brother. As a result, she decided to consult with our vet to see if we could take a “wait and see” approach. Our vet felt that since it is not bothering me, and it did not appear to be infected or swollen in any way, that it was reasonable to wait. She teased her highness by saying she knew her highness wouldn’t miss any signs of a possible problem. Is that not the truth? So my surgery was canceled.

So there you have it. No canned food or ice cream for yours truly today. I’m not certain I would have actually had ice cream – but I like to think it would have been possible. If her highness sees ANY signs that I am bothered by the tooth, or I am behaving oddly, we will be right back at the vet’s office. Now much as I like our vet, I would prefer not to go back. Frankly, after the “orb ordeal”, I now “put on the brakes” when I have to go through the door of the clinic. That ordeal was not pleasant. And we PONs do NOT forget…

Well, time for our constitutional. And I will savor my nonsurgical freedom AND I will enjoy my breakfast – which I would not have been able to have. Yes. Thank goodness for small miracles. Oh and I do enjoy the name White Fang…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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