General stuff

Elroy here. So on Sunday we were all relaxing in the DFZ. It’s true. Her highness has been letting us in. More and more. But ONLY when she is in the room.

She was working on this rug hooking thing. The Boss was next to the fireplace and yours truly was lying on one of the rugs her highness made a long time ago. I learned the other day that one way to be quickly evicted from the DFZ is to pull fabric out of the rug that took her 27 years to make. I won’t do THAT again. You would have thought I peed on the sofa or something. Jeepers. It’s not like she couldn’t fix it.

Anyway, on Sunday I was NOT doing any rug reconstruction and we were all nice and quiet. And suddenly we heard a strange sound. The Boss and I got up at ran to the other room. It was the sound of snowmobiles. On the lake. There must have been a dozen. Her highness shook her head. Because remember how she put her foot through the ice the other day? Well she did a repeat performance on Saturday after we had a super cold snap. She figured it would be frozen again. And she tried to get a photo of the Boss. There’s this saying about doing the same thing over again and expecting different results. Well guess her highness doesn’t learn. She stepped in the same spot. And ploosh. With a different pair of boots. Not too bright if you ask me.

Anyway, when we saw those snowmobiles, we wondered how safe it is. Ya sure wouldn’t catch me out there on one. Now admittedly we did step out on the lake yesterday- but her highness is careful not to step near the hole in the ice. And we don’t go far out. Good plan. But I still wouldn’t ride a snowmobile out there.

Meanwhile besides the dangers of thin ice, we also have to be on the lookout for coyotes! Apparently at this time of year, they are looking for girlfriends. And they can get pretty nasty. About 30 km from here, two beagles were attacked in their own yard! They will be OK – but they were both injured. Of course her highness read that posting late at night- just before our last pee of the night. We ALWAYS go out with her on a leash. Anyway, I decided to play a little trick on her. We went out – and I stared and barked at the woods. I barely got to pee as she dragged me in the house. I was just JOKING!

The Boss seems to be back to himself since the great tooth explosion. He’s barking again. At everything- just like normal. He doesn’t seem to be making any strange faces. He’s eating anything and everything like normal- mind you that never stopped. So NOW her highness is second guessing whether the tooth should come out after all. I think she’ll need to call the vet today. Or tomorrow at the latest as the surgery is booked for Thursday. Oh what to do. What to do… Dr Google can give you a bunch of things that can go wrong with surgery – so now she’s worried. I guess our recent veterinary track record with rare and unique conditions has made her a bit gun shy. If anyone has experience with tooth extraction in a 10+ year old dog who is on cardiac medication, feel free to message her. She would love to know your experience.

Well time to go for our morning constitutional. Yesterday we had a dusting of snow – so it was very pretty. We’ll see what adventures today holds.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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