Tabloid tales…tabloid tails

Yo. Elroy here. Today I want to talk about Social media. Because I’m a social kind of guy.

Her highness follows things on Facebook and Instagram. And she often sees photos that tug on her heart strings. Like photos of a dog before and after he is rescued. Taken supposedly minutes apart. And they are so wonderful. But…do ya ever wonder if some of the photos you see MIGHT be fake? I know. It’s hard to believe everything you read on social media ISN’T true. A guy like me would believe everything I see. Not so much The Boss. He’s more skeptical about some of the news stories. And the photos. Some of the stories are not unlike the tabloid newspapers sold by the cash at the grocery store.

Which got me thinking. Maybe I could write some captions for some of OUR photos. I do have a more comedic nature than the Boss – and I thought this could be fun.

So imagine you saw some of THESE photos with the following captions…

Dog escapes wild rabbit. Dog initially chased the rabbit off his property and then the rabbit turned on him. Neither dog or rabbit were injured in this altercation.
Dog routinely selects the family Christmas tree each year. Here he is standing in front of last year’s selection – clearly happy with his choice.

Photo of dog taken after winning contest for blowing the most bubbles in his own water bowl.
Dog leading searchers to location of missing mitten. He actually stole the pair of mittens and is now showing rescuers where the other mitten is buried.
First dog to complete solo climb to Nov Scotia’s highest peak. Seen resting at the summit before beginning his descent.
Sled dog seen performing yoga stretching before a big race.
Dog turns himself into police after countersurfing and stealing a piece of bread.
Drunken dog arrested after noise complaint.
Woman has first encounter with elusive coy-hound in the wild. Seen here communicating through nose touching.
Rare fish seeking dogs. Listening for the sound of fish under the ice.
Sniffer dog inspects the ears of another dog for possible hidden treats.
Fugitive duo elude police in their many disguises.
Rare photo of Bigfoot dog captured in winter camouflage

Just writing these makes me realize that they COULD be possible. But it makes you also wonder how much you see and read isn’t true! I saw a story about a pig writing a blog! How crazy is THAT?! Everybody knows, animals can’t WRITE. We use a computer!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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