Frodo here.

It is three weeks today that Brother Viktor left us. Since then, her highness has been moved by the outpouring of support we have received. On the very day that we announced his passing, a kind blog reader sent flowers. And since then she has been touched by flowers from neighbors, donations in Viktor’s name, food (including a yummy lemon loaf!) and cards of sympathy and support.

One dear friend went above and beyond in the days following his passing – making sure that we all ate and were taking good care of ourselves. We call her Saint Joanie.

Both the SPCA and the Ontario Veterinary School have received donations in memory of the wild grey whirlwind.

Her highness has appreciated every email, text and phone call.

People ask how we canines are doing. We’re OK. Personally, yours truly has never been what one would refer to as a “clingy” dog – but that has changed a bit since my brother is gone. I just REALLY want to be where her highness is. At ALL times. That’s partly how the gates to the DFZ have been opened. I now waltz in there like I own the place. Which of course, I do.

The beatnik seems a bit more low key since Viktor is gone. However, I do think he would be happy to carry on Viktor’s undesirable habit of escaping into the woods, if let off leash. Her highness isn’t taking any chances.

So thank you, thank you for all the kindness you have shown. It has been a great comfort. We know that Viktor is running free with Paxton – and so many others – and he’s watching out for us too…

Meanwhile, on a different note -I should tell you about how yesterday, I totally exhausted myself. By throwing myself against the front door in a frenzy. Repeatedly. It all started with the arrival of a UPS van. Her highness had a parcel that was being delivered. As usual, I went into my Cujo routine. Her highness closed the door to the front hall while she opened the door for the parcel. The happy delivery guy commented that he had panicked a bit as he came down the driveway- as it was a bit of a luge run. Her highness KNEW it was icy – but she hates to salt it because of our feet. Besides that, she was able to drive Ludwig up and down, so she wasn’t THAT concerned.

The driver bid his good-byes and her highness watched with bated breath as he drove away. He started up the hill. He went 5 feet. Ten feet. And then the sound of wurrrrr-wurrrr reached my ears, resulting in another Cujo frenzy. The UPS truck was stuck. He reversed back down the hill, and her highness quickly put on her puffy coat and hat and grabbed the bucket of road salt. She slipped and slid as the guy watched her throwing salt – and listened as I shouted out instructions.

Thankfully, on his next attempt, he made it up, beeping his horn in a salute as he left. Which was reason to again bark. Winter is such great fun.

While, personally, I do not like snow with high moisture content (which I have talked bout before), and I do not like overly cold snow, or crusty snow…. I do loved packed snow. I love to roll in packed snow. Her highness has literally lost count of how many times I have been rolling. I walk and immediately hit the ground and I roll. Now we know I don’t like water, and going in the lake is taboo for me. But when I discovered that it was frozen, I went crazy rolling.

At one point, her highness got a bit worried as I looked like I was about to run off down the lake. But it was my attempt at a joke. Just like shower barking. In the meantime, the beatnik was left on leash on shore to watch my gleeful running and rolling. He was not impressed.

Ah yes. Winter is great fun. And just think – only 56 days until Spring…. As I say (and demonstrate) – let the good times roll!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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