The DFZ infiltration

Yo. Elroy here. And I’m here to give you the latest updates from our humble home.

As long time readers of Brother Viktor’s blog may recall, we have one room in our house – which others would call the living room but in our house it is known as the DFZ. Or Dog Free Zone. That room has always been off limits to us guys because it holds a variety of items her highness would prefer that we don’t touch. Like the antique hooked rugs. Or the rugs made by her highness’ mother or her highness herself. This recent photo her highness posted on the net is, I suppose, good evidence as to why we aren’t allowed in that room.

I was just inspecting the dining room carpet! And my previous handiwork. Still, I admit it doesn’t look too good…

The DFZ also holds two glass cases, filled with assorted breakable stuff. So the room has a gate that keeps us guys out.

But for some reason, in the past week or two, her highness has been a bit more “lax” with entry into the sanctuary. Well – she lets the Boss in. And he goes right over to the fireplace and makes himself comfortable. He doesn’t DO anything. He just goes in and flops down and he’s content.

So the other day, given his good behavior and given the fact that I kept standing by the gate and squeaking to be let in, she finally let down her guard. She told me I could come in IF I would just settle down like the Boss. My “settle down” lasts all of 48 seconds. Then the overwhelming urge to explore everything in the room is more than I can control. I must sniff EVERY carpet. EVERY chair. EVERY table. EVERY knickknack in every corner of the room. Despite repeated instructions to “settle down”. I’m a gallery lover. What can I say? It goes with my inquisitive, scattered attention span. The first time I tried to settle down by balling up one of the hooked rugs, I was instructed to “leave it.” The room has too many “rules” for me. So I leave of my own accord. But I come back later, and repeat my thorough exploration of the room again. Like I’ve never been there before. While I do so, her highness watches my every move. When I attempted to begin a wrestling match with The Boss, we both got the “this is not a room for wrestling” announcement. Like I said, too many rules for me.

Yesterday we had very very VERY cold temperatures- so our walks were pretty short. Just as well – it’s not easy to walk on three legs. Although I certainly try my best. And I WOULD stay out a bit longer – but the Boss marches back in, so I follow. Let’s see what today’s weather holds….If it’s not nice, I can always explore the DFZ again. I should mention though, that the gate is only open IF her highness is in there. She’s become more lax – but not TOTALLY crazy…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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