Photo shoots

Frodo here. So. What do Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and the dogs in this house have in common? We are hounded (pun intended) by photographers. Well. One photographer in this house.

Above you will see a photo taken by her highness yesterday during one of our walks. As we were trotting along, exploring the flora and fauna in our very own backyard, her highness spotted some sunlight ahead on the trail. She instructed yours truly where to stand, and I did so while she took several dozen photos. She didn’t bother to attempt to put the beatnik in position because she KNEW by the time she got him to even sit, the sun would be gone. In fact, she probably would have been taking the photo in the moonlight. He is not a poser.

I hate to brag, but I am an outstanding poser. And honestly- why not? I mean how simple is it to be a model? You stay in one spot, don’t need to DO anything, and you get treats. I never understood why Brother Viktor and the beatnik don’t simply cooperate. I could pose for a magazine ad.

Her highness was really in the mood for taking photos yesterday . Truth be told, the weather outside wasn’t all that great (that one ray of sunlight in my photo is all we saw of the sun all day), we had already had our walks, and she didn’t feel like vacuuming. So she decided to take some photos of me. She set up our photo backdrop and turned on the lights.

But then, she had this not so bright idea to take some shots with wind blowing. Like a real model.

No words can describe her “I Love Lucy-type” performance in attempting to stabilize the dog blow dryer hose in order to create a wind effect. First off, to do so, she needed to detach one of the lights, because she couldn’t find another extension cord that would work with the dryer.

Then the hose on the dryer repeatedly went flying like a mad snake. Repeatedly. Did I mention it happened more than once? I just watched the proceedings with fascination.

She finally managed to stabilize the wind machine, but it was kind of aimed at my chest. She didn’t really get the “look” she wanted when I shut my eyes…

Then I told her exactly how I felt about the hurricane effect…

So she turned off the wind machine and turned on the other light. THAT was much more enjoyable – so I followed every instruction. You will see my happy look. And my pouty, serious look. I’ll do whichever she wants.

But once she ran out of treats, the model said that’s it. No pay. No work. Union rules.

The beatnik didn’t get a formal photo shoot but she did manage to get one shot of him outside. And he didn’t even WANT the treat.

I find this whole human interest in taking copious amounts of photos rather interesting. Perhaps not all humans have the same obsession as ours does. I wonder what it’s like to go out and not have your photo taken every time you turn around. I know exactly how Harry and Meghan feel. You know, I wonder if they will perhaps become our neighbors. They DO like dogs, so no doubt we would get along famously. AND that 20 acre property right next door IS still for sale…

Time for our morning constitutional. Walking with the beatnik is certainly entertaining. Yesterday her highness made a dramatic announcement something to the effect that “I’ve been walking two PONs for more than 8 years and I have NEVER had as many tangled leashes as I have walking a PON and a Picard.” And why do you suppose THAT is? Because the ping ping Picard does not understand the concept of a straight line. I have SO much to teach him…Including how to smile for the camera.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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