Elroy here. Today I want to share some information about why we dogs do what we do. And why we sometimes do things that defy explanation.

Yesterday her highness decided to Google dog sounds. And if you do so, you will see a variety of sounds that we make – for a variety of reasons.

One site on the net said that we dogs make the following sounds: we bark, bay, howl whimper/yelp and whine. Check out this article:


As you know, The Boss is really good at what they called demand barking. And sometimes he barks just for fun. Her highness has noted that lately, 8/10 times when she goes into the bathroom, that he will bark. He knows just how long to wait before she either steps into the shower, OR has a seat on the toilet . I think it’s pretty funny. Because although her highness has caught on to his game… she’s never totally sure. We’ve seen her dashing out in a towel more than once. And we’re used to the sound of the toilet paper roll spinning.

I’ve never been much of a barker. BUT, since Viktor is gone, I have now decided that I should become a better guard dog. Let’s face it – before, the two mops made enough noise to drown out a jackhammer. So I didn’t bother barking. Why waste my voice? But now, I can see the importance of protecting my turf against…I don’t know what. But I’ll do whatever the Boss does.

There is one noise not described in the article, and her highness wonders if it is a “Picard thing.” She calls it the “mouse squeak.” Now when most dogs squeak, it’s because they either need to pee or poop, they want to DO something – like go for a walk, something hurts, they are hungry or they are bored. Me? I squeak just to squeak. Nah – nothing hurts – so don’t worry about that. I’m not bored, because I will do it even after I’ve had a LONG walk. I’ll do it even when I have lots of toys around. Sure – sometimes I do it if I want The Boss to play with me. I’ll stare at him while he is relaxing, and I’ll squeak. But lots of the time I just wander and squeak. I guess it’s because I don’t know what to do with myself. I can’t decide. Do I want to nap? Do I want to chew on a bone? Do I want her highness to play fetch? Do I want a treat? Skip that one- it’s not likely. So when I don’t know what I want, I squeak. When I first adopted her highness, she used to worry about it. She thought there was something wrong. Now she’s used to it.

Yeah – her highness thinks it is just one of those endearing traits that make us Picards so darn lovable. OK. Maybe she doesn’t think that – but I do.

Now excuse me while I go and squeak…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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