Epic fail

Let me begin by saying Christmas is not about presents. Oh who am I kidding? It is. At least partly.

So we got all excited about seeing what “Santa” left for us. As I mentioned yesterday, we dogs enjoy the unwrapping almost more than the gift. Unless the gift is edible.

Now I know it’s the thought that counts- and it IS. However, Santa had an epic fail with gifts this year. Except for the edibles. Which we are not allowed to unwrap – because let’s face it – a bag of treats would be devoured in no time.

The whole unwrapping thing began with the obligatory photo. Her highness sets us up and puts the gifts in front of us. Well, this year, the FG couldn’t wait to open his. Above you see the first shot. It is followed by the series where the FG makes his move, while her highness is telling him to “leave it,” and Einstein starts barking out his protests.

Santa bought us these super duper expensive Nylabones. They are supposed to look like a bone with meat on it. Now usually we unwrap that kind of thing and start chewing away. Not this time. We had no interest in them whatsoever. Santa also brought us this suction cup thing that supposedly sticks to the floor and it has a ball attached. With a rope. I think the ads must have glued the thing to the floor. Because ours didn’t work. Which meant Einstein WAS interested in that gift so he could attempt to chew through the rope. That toy had to be put away. We got another toy for fetching – and that he also wanted to chew. Another toy confiscated. The last was a hard rubber toy which no one cared about.

Her highness is so sensitive- she felt sorry for Santa with his epic fail. I think the FG sensed her disappointment- so he did chew on the Nylabone. For like 36 seconds.

Luckily Santa also brought us some sweet potato chews. And those were a hit. Of course – they are edible.

Her highness did some visiting yesterday-and so today she has nothing booked. It’s Boxing Day. But everything is closed in Nova Scotia. So all the bargain sales don’t begin until tomorrow- which they call Boxing Day sales. It’s really a misnomer. It should be Post-Boxing Day sales. Doesn’t really matter – we don’t need anything. Definitely no new Nylabones… That gift was almost as “popular” as those hunks of Wood Santa brought one year. No one EVER chewed those either. I think I need to go back to writing my own list next year…

But as I said before, Christmas isn’t all about the gifts. It was really just perfect that we were able to spend our time together. There’s a quote about Christmas not being about what’s under the tree that is important – but who is around it. I hope you are able to continue sharing in that Christmas spirit, right through New Year’s!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

One thought on “Epic fail

  1. Lol, had an epic fail with Merlot’s the picards gift, a big ball that makes noise as you play with…he is terrified of it. Oh well guess he will get a New Years gift, Shadow loved his food treats.


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