Good news. Bad news.

Well this is one of those good news/bad news blogs..It’s going to be a mishmash – so get comfortable.

So where to begin. How about some good news. I have surpassed three weeks without a you-know-what. That’s the longest I have gone in months. Which is FANTASTIC. Absolutely fantastic. Her highness thinks it may be because we adjusted my meds. She increased my phenobarb by 1/4 pill twice a day. And that definitely coincides with the longer time between seizures.

But the bad news…You may recall that her highness changed one of my medications to liquid form. And she was putting it on my food. So I didn’t want to eat….So she started just squirting it in my mouth- to get it over with. Well you should SEE the faces I make. I hate it. I mean I HATE it. So medication time has become a dreaded time. I never cared about taking my pills. Now I won’t even take the pill pockets she makes. She tries peanut butter on the roof of my mouth, and I spit out the pill. She has resorted to pushing it into the back of my mouth. Which is not fun for either of us.

On top of that, I have been having lots more side effects from my meds. My rear end doesn’t always go where I want it to. And overall, I look depressed. I just lie around, looking sad. Sure – I’ll happily go for a walk- or play fetch, but something is “off.” My regular vet is off until January 3, and her highness booked an appointment for that day. Her highness is very worried about me. And it’s funny, if someone saw me trotting down the street, they probably wouldn’t notice anything. But she notices….Hopefully this is all medication related- and not something more serious….

OK – enough of that. Let’s switch to some good news. We have company arriving today!!! Her highness’ sister and her significant other are coming from Newfoundland! Now he has never stayed here – so we have been instructed to be on our best behavior. Good luck with that. They will be with us until January 2nd.

And speaking of behavior… we got ourselves in some hot water. Good thing Santa has come and gone…

Since I wasn’t eating my pill pockets lately, her highness got some dried liver treats – which I love! She crushed them into little pieces and rolled my pill pockets in the liver. That worked a couple of times – but I am now onto her and the hidden pills so I won’t take those either. Anyway, the other morning, she got up and gave me and Einstein our pills first thing – since we had almost slept in until 7 AM! She then went into the bathroom to get dressed so she could take us out for our morning walks.

When she came out of the bathroom, I was the only visible dog. My two amigos were in the kitchen. As her highness approached the kitchen, she spotted it. A bag on the floor. An empty bag. A bag that had been full of 9oz of dried liver treats. SOMEONE took the bag off the counter – and ate all the contents. Her highness immediately suspected Einstein- he is always attempting to counter surf. Or..did the FG grab the bag? Big brother was no help because a Christmas decoration was blocking a clear view to the kitchen.

Her highness quickly googled dried liver treat overload and found some site that said a dog could get liver toxicity. What?! So her next move was to call Animal Emergency. The problem was there was no way of telling who ate it and how much we each ate. The clinic said the bag size wasn’t all that big – so the only problem might be some gastric issues. Won’t THAT be lovely with company coming? I’m not telling who got the bag down, but let’s just say we ALL enjoyed the treat.

Since the liver rolled pill pockets stopped working, yesterday her highness got groceries and made NEW pill pockets for me. With ground beef and cottage cheese. So far, I am QUITE happy to eat those. Her highness just about did a happy dance when I took it. Meanwhile, Einstein looked forlorn because he is still getting the original pill pocket recipe. Wonder if he’ll start protesting too….

Never, ever, EVER a dull moment…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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