Merry Christmas

Merriest of Christmas greetings to all my hearty blog readers. I hope on this joyful day that you can take a moment to enjoy the peace and love that Christmas is all about.

I also hope that Santa found your home and you were rewarded for your good behavior and good deeds. Shockingly, he somehow again arrived without us hearing him – and left some brightly wrapped packages with our names on them. The packages have all of our names as it is inevitable that we will steal gifts from one another. Or should I say we will “borrow” gifts from one another. No matter what, the unwrapping frenzy will soon begin. We usually enjoy that more than the actual gifts.

Her highness went to church late last night. So it was extra late when we went to bed. But not to worry – we still got her up at 6:30. We had to see if there were gifts for us!

Thanks to all for your lovely comments and Christmas greetings. We are happy that this blog can make you smile from time to time. Even during those times when our behavior is not exactly exemplary!

Please remember that while Christmas does include gifts, each one of us holds special gifts all year round – and we should try to share those with others. Just try to be like a dog – and share that gift of continual joy – through a simple act of kindness. Be good to one another.

And we canines will be good too. At least for today….

Merry Christmas- have a very good one. Peace and paws up.

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