It is inevitable

It’s inevitable. And it will probably happen today. Every year at this time. The annual Christmas bath.

This past week, her highness was working on some Christmas wreaths in the garage – and get this – she used our grooming table as a work station. Best use of that table I have ever seen. I was hoping she would keep making wreaths right up until Christmas Day. But no. She finished Friday night. And she put all of her wreath making supplies away. The glue gun has been put in its holster.

While the workshop was busy, we canines were not allowed inside. Glass ornaments and hot glue do not make for a good combination with wild dogs. So we’re glad that’s over – but now it means the torture table has returned to its original purpose.

Chances are, yours truly will be first. She starts with the easiest dog – which is probably not the best idea. It seems she should leave me until last. But I think she likes to get some positive reinforcement early on- so it will motivate her to do the “other two.” Einstein is the worst. So he will actually be second. Because if she left him until last, it would likely never happen.

The FG doesn’t love the brushing part, but he doesn’t mind bathing and he’s ok with the jet engine dryer. And also he’s the quickest to dry.

And you KNOW, after we are all fluffed and puffed, there will be that attempt to get the perfect Christmas photo. She has a back up already if it doesn’t work out. Clearly she has too much time on her hands with this retirement thing.

Well, time to get ready….Personally, I love all the treats….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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