The other day, her highness had some of the “girls” who live on our road, over for some cupcakes and drinks. It’s a semi-annual holiday thing where they come over to see the Christmas explosion. And as far as we could tell, the drinks were not milk or water.

We canines were sequestered in the bedroom, but everybody was nice enough to come over to us to say hello. Her highness knows that we do not have the best manners when it comes to food. Frankly, if no one was watching, we would attempt to help ourselves. Hence the sequestering.

The next day, there were some leftover sweets and because there are people starving somewhere, her highness could not let those cupcakes go to waste. Need I remind her that she is still sporting the effects of eating a few lbs worth of Halloween candy. From 2016.

Anyway, she got a cup of coffee and took out her cupcake. She sat down to enjoy her treat, when yours truly started scratching, and the barrette I was wearing flopped down into my eyes. She saw my dilemma and got up to help me out. Little did she know I was just making a distraction. Because as she took the barrette from my hair, she turned around and saw the FG with two paws on the counter – licking her cupcake. “Hey”, she shouted “leave that alone!” He glanced at her, took another quick lick and jumped down as she quickly approached. She said “what are you doing eating my cupcake.” As if she expected him to answer. And really, the answer was pretty obvious. It was there. He was hungry. He helped himself. Did she really need to ask?

Yes, my picky Picard is not nearly so picky these days. And he has now added cupcakes to his roster of edibles.

I wonder though, if his name gets added to Santa’s naughty list. And my name gets added for being an accomplice. Looks like Einstein is the only one on the nice list. So far.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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