Money well spent. Not.

So here you see one of our most recent trio shots. We all know that getting three of us to stay in place and then for ALL of us to look at the camera, is nothing short of a miracle. But this shot is interesting for another reason. Notice anything about the photo? Anything interesting? And don’t feel badly if you don’t see anything. Because it’s pretty hard to make out.

About a month ago, her highness went to one of many Christmas craft fairs that are held in Halifax each year. She likes to buy local and to support local craftspeople.

So she went to the fair and came across a booth selling custom made dog collars. Now truthfully, we need another dog collar in this house like we need a hole in the treat bag. So she resisted the temptation to buy more collars. BUT she bought something else. Something handmade. And it was also seasonal as it was made of a Christmas print. And what did she buy? Bow ties. Three bow ties. A larger one for the FG and medium sized ones for me and a Einstein. They were very cute. And they snap onto your collar. So her highness bought them thinking they would be perfect for our Christmas photo shoot.

So she waited until we had some snow, stuffed her pockets with liver treats, attached our bow ties and took us out to attempt our Christmas greeting photo.

Wrangling us for the photo was the first challenge. The FG was on a leash but Einstein and I were free. If she wasn’t telling me to get my face out of the snow, she was pleading with the FG to look at the camera. She was tossing mittens, waving treats and making all kinds of sounds. I have no idea how many shots it took to get this shot.

But the funny thing- can you even TELL we are wearing those expensive bow ties? I can’t! Sure you can see something there- but do they look like bow ties?! I think not. More money spent on something that could have been better spent on dog treats. At least that’s my opinion.

She did mumble something that we should try this again. Can someone please tell her it’s futile? Bow ties and hairy dogs are not generally good company. Unless the bow ties are HUGE.

Wait. Don’t give her any ideas…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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