Research has shown that we dogs can sniff out a bad person. And sometimes humans have good intuition too…

This story dates back to last February. Remember when I got to go to the Halifax Kennel Club show – and I participated in Meet the Breed? It’s that political gig where people meet you, and they can learn whether or not a particular breed might be right for them. It’s a sweet gig because all you have to do is sit on a table, get pats and treats. I love it. And it’s a great way for people to learn about different breeds.

While we were there, a woman approached my table and told her highness she was interested in my breed. I must confess, I wasn’t overly excited about meeting her. Not that I did anything or even shied away, I just didn’t pay much attention to her. The woman, who I will call Kathy (not her real name) explained that she had bred Border Collies for years, but was thinking of getting a different breed. She explained that she was also interested in seeing a Berger Picard. This was before she even knew her highness was owned by both breeds. They chatted at length, and she seemed nice enough….but there were a few things she said that made her highness’ spidey senses go on alert. For example, she talked about her interest in yet another breed, but stated that people who owned the breed were “so protective of them that they wouldn’t sell her a female for breeding.” Hmmmm. Anyway, she said she would be back two days later to meet The FG when he would be doing his political stint.

On Sunday, the FG was ready for his gig. He REALLY loves it. He should advertise as the kissing booth. Anyway, a different woman approached her highness and said she was a friend of Kathy’s. Kathy couldn’t come that day, but could this woman get her highness’ contact info to share with Kathy. Her highness said to look for my blog and contact her via Facebook (neither of them had a pen.)

Her highness went home and decided to find out a little bit about Kathy who was so interested in potentially meeting and possibly breeding Picards. She found Kathy’s Facebook page and did a LOT of reading. Kathy also bred Jack Russell Terriers. Some of the comments by puppy buyers were … unusual.

In the meantime, Kathy had sent a message to her highness to meet the FG. Her highness didn’t want Kathy coming to our home so suggested a meeting point half way between where Kathy lives and we live. She lives about an hour away. Everything was scheduled. BUT as the day approached, her highness had a weird feeling. A really weird feeling. And she just didn’t want to meet Kathy. So she cancelled. She said she had a lot going on, and her schedule was too tight. Maybe she would see Kathy some time at a dog show. And then her highness did something she rarely does – she blocked Kathy from her Facebook and she blocked Kathy’s phone number. And honestly, her highness felt weird about it. She was being kind of rude to this person, which is not her nature. And Kathy really hadn’t done anything to her. But her highness just did not want to be in contact with her.

That didn’t deter Kathy. She called her highness from another phone. Her highness was driving at the time and said she couldn’t talk because she was driving. She told Kathy she would call her back – which she is embarrassed about because she had no intention of calling back. But what could she say – “I read some stuff in Facebook about you, and I don’t think you should have a Picard?” That would be silly – so she chose avoidance – which was not very nice. But she did it- and she blocked that second phone number. In retrospect she thinks she could have handled it differently, but it’s in the past.

Since that time, her highness has seen Kathy at dog shows and Kathy has not approached her. She also witnessed Kathy selling a puppy outside a public venue to a young couple just a few weeks ago.

Fast forward to this week. The RCMP and SPCA made a seizure of dogs – in what they are calling the largest puppy mill seizure in Nova Scotia history. Now charges are still pending, and names have not yet been released. But with minimal research, her highness was able to determine that it is the same woman… There is actually a Facebook group set up by her puppy owners who have problems with the health and behavior of her dogs.

As I said, charges have not yet been laid. But it is evident that there are some SIGNIFICANT problems with the way this woman breeds dogs. Her highness had alerted the FG’s breeder months ago about the woman – who in fact DID make contact about getting a female to breed. Needless to say, that was never going to happen.

So while we dogs have super good intuition, it appears that sometimes humans also get strange “feelings”. I guess the moral of the story is go with your gut.

And speaking of guts- isn’t it about time for a treat?

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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