Foot fetish

So we have a problem. What else is new? It’s Einstein’s feet. He is licking them. A lot. And so are we. Well not her highness. But the FG and I are also joining in the foot fetish fun.

Yesterday, after we had our walks, breakfast and blueberries, her highness settled in to have her bagel and coffee. She was reading the paper and suddenly heard this gnawing sound. She looked up, and the FG’s head was sideways and he was gnawing away at Einstein’s hair on the side of his foot. Einstein calmly watched him – like he was getting some kind of fancy pedicure. “Hey- stop that!”, her highness shouted. They both looked at her like she was suddenly speaking in tongues.

It’s a bit ironic that Einstein does NOT like his feet touched by her highness, but we can chew his hair off and lick his feet until they are pink, and he doesn’t care. Maybe her highness should try it.

She doesn’t know why he is doing it. They tried two different medications from the vet and neither worked. She was hoping that since we are back on our old food that MAYBE that would make a difference. Not so far. She also began adding Apple cider vinegar to his food about two weeks ago. But so far, neither change has made a difference. Maybe it will take a bit more time.

And speaking of time, it’s probably about time for me to start writing my annual work of fiction – my letter to Santa. It seems I often mysteriously end up asking for things which her highness suggests. It appears she has some direct connection to the guy in the red suit. I just hope she doesn’t suggest more of those “educational” toys. Or clothes….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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