The uniform

Yesterday was a strange day. Actually, I was quite annoyed. Her highness went to WORK. Yup. I figured something was going on when she got up extra early. In fact, I had a feeling she might be leaving us. So I refused to poop. I always do that when I think she’s in a hurry. Our driveway was too icy to walk up to the road – so she had taken us on our trail to the lake. But I wouldn’t go. So she came back home, calmly loaded me in the vehicle and drove me up the road to the public trail. Where I promptly made my deposit.

She went to work to do some volunteer clinical work. I’m not sure what that means but all I know is that she was gone until the afternoon. Mind you, even if she had been home, we wouldn’t have gone for extra walks because it was raining. She got home and changed into her uniform.

Her home uniform consists of baggy pants with a drawstring waist and a baggy sweatshirt. The uniform is often covered in dog hair and has yogurt on the pants. For some reason when we get to lick her breakfast yogurt container, we then lick her pants. I’m not sure why we do it. But the fact is, her comfy drawstring hair and yogurt -covered pants are only ever viewed by us. Those pants may be worn for a dog walk before dawn, but otherwise they are not for public viewing. They are actually also rather thread bare in a few spots – likely from all the washing they get.

Besides washing her uniform, over the past couple of weeks her highness has been on a selling kick. The Lindonian is full of “stuff” and every now and then she decides to sell some things. We told the FG he better behave, or he could be the next item listed for sale. Sometimes Einstein and I like to tease him.

So yesterday, after returning from work and changing into her uniform, she checked her messages and saw that another item had sold. I was all excited for more biscuit money. Einstein reminded me that any income is probably going to pay for the vet bills from the orb ordeal. Right…

When her highness sells things locally, she meets her buyers at a public location. It’s a good way to get rid of things – and she also donates things to local charities as well. Last night she hadn’t planned on going into the closest shopping district to meet someone as she had been out most of the day. She saw our unhappy faces and dreaded going out again, even for what would most likely be a half hour. But she had to go. She COULD have taken us along, but she was a bit rushed, so gave us some treats and drove off.

She was meeting a woman at the local big box book store – Chapters. She texted the woman when she arrived and learned the woman was stuck in traffic. So she figured she would kill some time in the book store.

She was wandering around, no doubt looking for dog obedience books, and for some reason she looked down. And at that moment she suddenly realized in horror that she was wearing the comfy, baggy hair and yogurt covered thread bare uniform pants. AND she had also put on this pair of zip up clunky boots that also never leave our property. She tugged at her jacket, fearing the thread bare comfy baggy hair and yogurt covered pants might be revealing more than anyone would want to see. She slowly walked toward the exit, just as her phone signaled a text from the lady she was supposed to meet.

She met the woman at the front door and was thankful it was dark outside. The hair and yogurt were a bit more difficult to see. So she hoped.

Today she has one errand to run and then she promised she’ll be home with us. I think she may also be washing those pants….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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