Saint Nick

It’s December 6 – and it’s Saint Nicholas Day. Saint Nick was a Bishop of Myra who was known for secret gift-giving. Well, I guess it wasn’t all that secret if everybody knew about it – but his good acts are still celebrated today! He reportedly sold all his possessions and liked to put coins in the shoes of poor people. Obviously not while they were wearing them. Apparently, Saint Nick was the model for Santa Claus. Today is his feast day – and my European readers are no doubt celebrating his special day with gift giving. I reminded her highness that we should be getting gifts today. She said the food in my bowl is a gift. She’s so funny.

She’s been attempting individual holiday photo shots lately but hasn’t been too thrilled with the results yet. Case in point- my less-than-happy expression in this shot.

Seriously. Who in their right mind could look happy wearing a Christmas tree on his head?! Oh wait. We know who…

Einstein will look happy wearing anything. As long as there are treats…

And then we have the LEAST happy musketeer…

She reportedly did get one or two shots where he didn’t look TOO unhappy. Check our Instagram for one.

Oh – someone asked if they could get our calendar- since the draw is over. And yes- you can! If you use a Safari browser (that seems to work best) – you can go to this link and see our calendar!

We don’t get all the money from the sale of the calendar- just a few bucks. But enough to buy a bag of biscuits. Well- maybe half a bag.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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