Rain. And snow.

The weather the last two days has been unpredictable. But really, what else is new? On Thursday there was rain in the forecast. And indeed, when we got up, it was pouring. Her highness had to drag me and Einstein out in our raincoats. She didn’t put us into the astronaut suits (that’s what I now call them) with the legs – but just our regular coats. We walked like we were wet sacks of potatoes. If sacks of potatoes could walk. We were a pitiful sight.

The FG wasn’t impressed with wearing attire either, but he quickly forgets he is wearing it. Perhaps that is the only advantage of what I think is an attention deficit challenge. He rarely worries about much.

BUT – we did get to witness something odd that he did…

After her highness took us out, and fed us, and she had her breakfast, she went back into the bedroom to watch the parade. Einstein and I picked our spots near the bed and the FG went right on the bed. Pretty much blocking her highness’ view of the TV. She gave him a pat and asked him to move over. That’s when he pretends he doesn’t understand English. She asked again. He stared at her. And then suddenly he sprang up, swung around, looked at his tail- and jumped off the bed with a totally panicked look on his face. He spun around again and her highness couldn’t figure out why. And then she put two and two together. The FG’s wild look happened JUST as her cell phone (which was lying in the bed), began to vibrate. Clearly the FG heard it or felt it and thought it was something else. Maybe a bee? Her highness doesn’t know that he was ever stung, but that sound and vibration clearly bothered him. It took him a minute or two to settle down.

So back to the weather – the rain turned to snow and it was one of those times that her highness was grateful that she didn’t have to be driving anywhere. While some might think we might be excited about the snow, it was the wet sloppy variety – just a step away from rain – so we weren’t impressed.

Well you have one more day to do your good deed. The fun part about doing this is reading all the great things that people do. Here is a photo of your prize if your name is drawn. There are dog treats and people treats. If we don’t get ahold of them first…We were going to make them all Maritme treats – but we extended our criteria to Canadian!

Time to start getting those ballots ready. We haven’t met our goal- but we’re happy for those who have participated. On Monday, you can watch the draw. I think Einstein is doing it. Now THIS should be interesting!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

One thought on “Rain. And snow.

  1. I know it’s late. Techie not me couldn’t figure out how to reply. I love your idea of sharing good deeds. It gets us thinking, and hopefully doing, more. It also makes us feel good in these sometimes “not much good news” days.
    Here’s mine… I was at the doctor’s office in the waiting room, where you can spend a lot of time waiting. For one young boy it was asking too much. He started to display behaviour that caused his mother to cringe and some of the other people waiting to frown. I could see she was becoming more stressed trying to quiet the boy down. As he was yelling and tearing around the room I caught his eye and whispered “I bet you’re a great singer…can I sing with you?” He stopped and stared at me. A minute later we were quietly singing a Christmas song. Mom relaxed and smiled and the tension was gone from the room.


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