US Thanksgiving

Well it’s a good day to NOT be a turkey. At least in the US.

It’s Thanksgiving Day in America. The day when humans eat too much and then complain that they did! We dogs can have the odd leftover – like maybe part of a dinner roll. Unbuttered of course. Or maybe some plain veggies. Like carrots. Or green beans. No fatty gravy. And definitely no turkey bones! And no dessert for us either.

Her highness said that since it’s her first US Thanksgiving Day when she isn’t working, that she’ll get to do something she hasn’t done in years. Watch the Macy’s Parade on TV. So I checked out all the floats to see which ones would be of particular interest to us canines. And we have a couple: Snoopy’s Doghouse, and Blues Clues (a giant blue puppy). There are a bunch of “rocking floats” and I’m thinking one of these COULD have been a dog. I mean we have a rocking horse, a rocking lion, a rocking flamingo (!), a rocking giraffe, a rocking tortoise and get this – a rocking LOBSTER and a rocking MOOSE. So no dog. But when you see the lobster and the moose – you can think of us in Nova Scotia!

As far as balloons go, we again have Snoopy (as an astronaut), some dog from Paw Patrol, and the Grinch and his dog Max. Reportedly, whether you see those big balloons or not is going to depend on the weather today. Clearly if there are high winds, those balloons won’t be flying. Mind you…it could be extra fun to watch…

There are also some things called ballooonicles – which are bicycles with big balloons on the back. I see there is a bulldog in that group.

I’m not trying to be biased but we dogs appear to have surpassed cats in parade representation this year. Not that I’m biased. But go dogs!

We could have had our own Thanksgiving dinner the other day. With pheasants! Her highness looked out the front window and saw 5 girl pheasants and one boy pheasant. Then she looked out the back and saw another boy. Still pretty good odds. Those pheasants can make quite a racket. The FG really likes to watch them.

We have pouring rain in the forecast today. A perfect day to stay in and watch a parade!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my US family and friends – and really -I hope no matter where you live, you take a minute today to count all the many things you have to be thankful for. And of course, in my mind, dogs are at the top of the list…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

2 thoughts on “US Thanksgiving

  1. On this Thanksgiving day..Our PON family in Texas is giving thanks for your blog and all the laughs and joy we receive all year from you 3 boys! Happy Turkey day Viktor, Einstein, Elroy and Your Highness!


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