I guess it’s time for a seizure update – because someone asked the other day.

We seem to currently be having a pattern of one every two weeks. So her highness has increased one of my meds by a quarter of a pill. The last time my bloodwork was done, I was really low on the target range for effectiveness. And although there can be side effects, we would like to reduce the seizures too. I’m almost reluctant to write this because today we are past the two week mark. Just past. So we’ll see. But we have a new problem….

About a month ago, her highness looked at getting one of my meds in liquid form. We go through a LOT of homemade pill pockets each day (at least 8 for me alone – because I was taking 11 pills each day. She can squeeze a couple of the small pills into one pocket). So she figured getting one medication in a liquid form would reduce the pill pocket need by a bit.

Now you KNOW we PONs will eat ANYTHING in our bowl. And fast. I mean lightning fast. Well lately, yours truly has been quite pokey with my eating. I’m the first one to get my food dish delivered and lately I’ve been the last to finish. And this pretty much started after we got that liquid medication. Her highness noticed my slow eating, and figured the stuff must not taste too yummy. I mean it has to be horrid for a PON not to want to eat. So she started putting Parmesan cheese on my food. Even that isn’t working – and in fact, yesterday I left a few kibbles in my bowl. Which is unheard of. But here’s the deal. If she puts food in my bowl without the med, I inhale everything. So she’s pretty convinced it is the medication.

Of course, she has finally confirmed this after she got a refill of the $150 prescription last week. I think it’s time to go back to the pills. This is yet another example of “if it ain’t broke, don’t change the pill form.” I think she has too much time on her hands with this retirement thing – and she overthinks stuff. Besides, she’s getting really good at making those pill pockets…..

She worries about us canine kids a lot. Every morning we wake up and I haven’t had a seizure during the night, she says a little thank you prayer.

And speaking of thank yous – I want to thank those people who have participated in my request for good deeds. Some people didn’t want to post their deeds publicly, so they have sent her highness a private message – which is super. That being said, we are not quite half way to my goal of 50 good deeds. It’s a bit disappointing, but I guess the good news is for those who did post – they will have better odds of winning! We KNOW that you all do good deeds, but I guess you prefer not to share them. Mind you, there is still time left….

Time for our walk. And her highness forgot to put the garbage out last night – so we better get moving. Our favorite day. Walking down the road attempting to pee on neighbors’ garbage cans….We dogs enjoy those simple things in life…Hope you enjoy them too…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

3 thoughts on “Update

  1. Completely forgot about telling you of my good deed. I was at COSTCO and there was a mother and young boy ahead of me. They had two sleeping bags which resembled animals…one was a fox and one was a bear. The little boy was holding the fox one tightly and was so excited. Well, the mom only had enough money to buy one of the bags and she chose the bear. I offered to buy the fox one for their family and she said she had two boys and the bear was for her other son’s birthday present. I couldn’t have slept knowing the little guy hugging that fox sleeping bag was not going to get one. My gesture made me and I hope them a happy day!


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