The winner

And the winner is….

I’ll tell you in a minute! First off I want to thank all of you who shared your good deeds. It was lovely to see the many things that people do for others- not just during this holiday season – but all year round.

I know that sharing your good deeds might not have been something you wanted to do publicly- and I totally understand that. Some people shared their good deeds with us privately- and I must say, her highness was touched and awed by the wonderful things that our readers do. We had 40 people who shared their acts of kindness – and we know that is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the goodness in the world.

Humans are a funny group. They sometimes seem to focus on the negatives around us – and let’s face it, the news does the same thing. But underneath it all, humans as a whole are GOOD. Barbara Woodhouse, a famous dog trainer once wrote a book entitled “No Bad Dogs.” Barbara believed that there were no bad dogs – only inexperienced owners. And I guess the same is true of humans – no one is born bad. It is the experiences and opportunities that people have – which shape who they become. And if we dogs train them properly – and teach them to be more like us- you will see that inherent goodness in them. If they take a cue from us, and wake up ready to jump into a new day, they would be so much happier. If they appreciated things like their food bowl or a treat and didn’t take them for granted, they would be also feel happier. Sometimes I think humans THINK and worry too much – and that can be really detrimental. We dogs need to train them to enjoy THIS moment – because we never know how many moments we have left. Humans need to practice kindness – because it not only helps someone else, but it comes back to help them. Really. It does. Kind of like playing fetch. If you do a good job and bring the toy back, you get to play again.

Anyway, all that to say thanks again for participating. To do the draw, her highness typed out everyone’s name on little slips of paper.

She then put the papers on the floor and she encouraged yours truly to “pick one”. She was going to get Einstein to do it, but I reminded her that this IS my blog. She was going to video the draw, but before she could grab her phone, I had already walked among the papers and was chewing on one. She had to pry the soggy piece from my mouth before I swallowed it. And the winner…..drum roll please…is Shari Fischer!!!! Congratulations to Shari. We’ll contact her to get her mailing address so she can get her goodies.

Thanks again for helping to spread a little kindness – and thanks again for reading.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

One thought on “The winner

  1. That was such a wonderful idea that your human had. It was nice to read all the wonderful things people do for others. It is such a shame that more people didn’t take the initiative to be so kind but maybe more people will plan some more contests like the one your human started and would it be great if it viral and went all over the world!!!


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