The warehouse

Her highness has this…”closet” for her clothes. I use the word closet loosely because it is more like a small warehouse. You never know WHAT you’ll find in there. Or should I say, lose in there. It houses a big basket of shoes, framed pictures that have never been hung, suitcases, Halloween decorations, purses, the ironing board and iron and even Christmas gifts. We canines are not allowed in the closet because- well you never know what we’ll get into. The door is always closed – but it doesn’t latch well- so it’s easy to push your way in…

The door to the bedroom is usually closed especially if her highness is not home – simply because we know that we PONs like to sometimes chew on pillowcases. Oh- and comforters too. So we are not allowed in there unsupervised. Sure- we sleep there at night- but her highness is with us.

Anyway, since she’s in the retirement mode she’s become a bit more relaxed and laid back about things. And she doesn’t always keep the bedroom door closed. She doesn’t watch us every second of the day – although WE keep a close eye on her every movement. She literally cannot move a muscle without us wanting to know what she is doing next. Or where she is going.

On Monday afternoon, she was having a great chat on the phone, with a dear friend. And she was in the DFZ. The bedroom door was open, and the FG was curled up on her bed. Einstein situated himself between the DFZ and the bedroom – so he could keep an eye on everyone. Meanwhile, yours truly decided to go exploring. In the warehouse….

After her chat, her highness emerged from the DFZ. Einstein and I ran to meet her like we hadn’t seen her in days. The FG was too comfy on her bed to move.

She walked into the bedroom and saw the warehouse door open. Various papers were strewn about. And then she saw “it” next to the warehouse door….

A bone!!! Yessiree. Yours truly found a BONE in the warehouse. How awesome was THAT?! How clever am I?! Is that not the BEST?! Was it a hidden Christmas gift? Am I smart, or WHAT?! Did she forget it was there?!

The answer to all of the above is – no- not so much.

I was initially all excited with my find. And then I began to chew my newfound treasure. Who cares if it was for Christmas. I deserved a treat.

Well the surprise was not so delightful. The lousy thing is made of SOAP!!! Who buys soap in the shape of a bone?! Right – a crazy dog lady.

Her highness smirked at me and said “well THAT wasn’t such a good idea, was it?” I just walked away. Einstein rolled his eyes at me and the FG shut the one eye he had opened while lying on the bed.

So my exploration was not all that fruitful. But ya know… there’s lots of stuff in that warehouse. Maybe even some REAL Christmas presents. I DO think I’ll be back…Mind you, I could also end up on Santa’s Naughty list….What else is new.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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