Pretty soon…

Well it’s going to be interesting to see how many names we will have entered for my Kindness draw on December 2. A number of people have already shared some wonderful acts that they have done or are currently doing. I understand that people don’t like to be boastful about what they do. I thought about that a lot when I came up with the idea. But just by posting, you are doing another kind act – because it’s so nice to read what other people do – on a regular basis! This is all about spreading good news. And just so you know, for those folks who shared that blog, their name was entered too!

Meanwhile, here at the circus, her highness has been eyeing the closet or should I say closetS where the Christmas decorations are stored. Heaven help us. The Christmas Explosion. You know that means we’ll be sequestered for at least an hour while she moves around boxes. Having us racing up and down the stairs with her while she is carrying boxes of 4000 elves is not advisable. Hey remember this action shot of me with an elf from a few years ago?

Or remember this photo of the stuffed dog ornament that “someone” operated on?

I love Christmas. So many things to explore.

We’ll also be having the obligatory photo shoots. Her highness doesn’t know it yet, but I hid those stupid reindeer antlers. I’m hoping she doesn’t find them. Depends if she vacuums under the sofa or not. Given the dust bunnies I found under there, I think the hiding place is secure.

Remember this photo from last year?

Now THAT was a challenge. Einstein kept trying to eat the sheep. And if he wasn’t trying to eat them, he was knocking them down. Needless to say, she didn’t attempt this photo with me or the FG.

Well time to go on patrol. Actually, the serious new patrol dog is the FG. He’s big into barking at things only he hears. In the middle of the night. For a couple of mornings, he would also rush into the dining room and bark and growl at the deck. Her highness wondered what he was seeing. Then she realized he was looking at his own reflection. I kid you not. He’s our comic relief.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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