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So this past week we saw World Kindness Day. A day to remind humans to be nice to one another. And it got me thinking….

Her highness and I want to do something to pass on kindness. For Kindness day and for the holidays. So here’s our idea.

We would like our readers to do something nice for someone else. It doesn’t have to be big or costly. Sure if you want to donate to a charity or give someone a special gift – that would be lovely. But it can be a simple act. Like holding a door open. Letting someone in the grocery line in front of you. Calling an old friend or relative just to say hello. Playing an extra game of fetch with your dog. Giving your dog an extra treat (OK – that was my idea, not hers). Paying someone a compliment (which is always a way to make someone feel good about themselves!) Raking a neighbor’s yard or shoveling their walkway. Smiling and saying hello to a stranger. Picking up someone else’s dog poop in a public place ( that counts double!). The options are endless…

Maybe at this time of the year, you routinely do something extra nice – like sing carols at a nursing home. Or donate to a children’s charity with toys. All of those things count!

Now when you do your special act, post it either in the comments under this blog on my Facebook page – or right on my blog site. And don’t be shy – sharing your kind acts gives other people ideas!! For everyone who posts a kind act – no matter how big or how simple, your name will be entered into a draw. And the prize? A 2020 Calendar with me and the other two stooges!! Full of photos of us – with quotes from Winnie the Pooh – and others.

And you’ll ALSO receive some MARITIME treats. For you and your dog. You must post your kind act between now and midnight, Atlantic time December 1. Her highness will have a friend do the draw – or maybe Einstein will do it. We’ll see. And after the draw, we will get your address and mail your prize to you.

Let’s see all the good things we can spread around. Remember- it doesn’t have to be big. We would LOVE to see 50 people share a kind act – but even more would awesome.

Although the world can sometimes be a pretty sad place, we do believe that there is much more goodness than badness out there. And it’s time to share some good news for a change!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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