The day of torture

So yesterday was torture day. Her highness announced that ALL of us looked like dogs who had been living in the woods for a month. Of course the worst was Einstein- who had been sporting the flashy lampshade for two weeks. Sure- he had a cursory brushing every time he went to the vet- but let’s face it, he didn’t get the FULL brushing while he was feeling miserable. He moans and groans when he is brushed and we KNOW how much he moaned and groaned after his surgery – so there was no way her highness was giving him the full salon treatment. Even he knew he looked a mess .

I was the first victim yesterday. Because I’m the best. I fortunately, I had a seizure the other day (2weeks to the day since the last one) so I was looking pretty disheveled and smelling pretty rank. But I don’t mind the fluffing and puffing, so it only took an hour to do my routine. Next came the FG. He doesn’t moan or groan although he squeaks when you brush his face. He also looks totally forlorn throughout the process.

Her highness had a quick errand to run and then came home. It was 9:00 in the evening and she debated whether she should start Einstein. She finally figured she should get it over with, so while listening to an audiobook, she performed the wrestling match. She eventually won (although he got lots of treats) and the game ended at 10:45. He looks like a different dog. Just kidding. He shook himself off, had a big drink, rolled on the carpet and didn’t even look like he had been brushed.While he was messing himself up, her highness collapsed on the sofa in the DFZ. Good times.

On another note, did you see the story in the news about the unicorn? OK. It’s not a unicorn. It’s a puppy. Who has a tail in the middle of his forehead. Check it out:

I’m glad to read he is otherwise healthy. And he has his other tail too. Wonder if they both wag when he’s happy…

I have this sinking feeling that there could be a Christmas photo shoot coming up soon. Hope that wasn’t the reason for the grooming marathon. Nah. She hasn’t brought back any big Dollar Store bags. Yet.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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