Rock hound

Well we can officially call the FG a rock hound. But before we get to that, I need to update you about him in general…

Something is going on with him. It is literally like a switch has been flipped. He’s crazy. No. I mean more crazy than normal. I think it started since that time change.

For one thing, he CANNOT walk on leash. He stops to sniff and then leaps as he continues on. His nose is working overtime.

He is also countersurfing like a PON. Big time. Her highness now has to watch him like a hawk.

He is also eating his meals. All his meals. And when her highness spreads kibble on the floor when she is going out, he’s right in there with me and Einstein snarfing down every piece.

Now these may not seem like a big deal, but trust me – things are different. For her highness, it’s like being owned by three PONs.

Anyway, yesterday morning he threw himself on the front door to go on the first walk shift. Her highness agreed to take him first – so she littered some kibble under the dining room table to keep me and Einstein occupied. For 37 seconds anyway. She then had the drag the FG out because of his newfound interest in that game.

They leaped down the road. Well the FG did. The thought of her highness doing that is too ridiculous to imagine – especially since she’s been working on all the leftover Halloween treats. Again.

The FG and her highness got to the beginning of the trail down the road and that’s when they spotted it. A rock. But not just any rock. A painted rock. The FG checked it out and was intrigued.

The rock is part of a local initiative called Maritime Rocks. People paint rocks and then hide them for others to find. When you find a rock, on the reverse side it asks that you post a photo to the Maritime Rocks Facebook page and then to either hide it again – or you can keep it. It was started to simply spread joy. School kids paint the rocks. Adults paint the rocks. All are different but all have the same happy intent.

This is the first rock her highness and the FG found. He was somewhat cooperative in taking the obligatory selfie. Then he tried to bite the rock, which was quickly discouraged. The duo decided not to keep the rock, but instead went on a longer walk and rehid the rock for someone else to find. They came home or should I say leaped home and posted the FG’s photo to the site.

Einstein and I are a bit jealous that the FG found a rock. Now we want to find one too. We need to keep our eyes open. It’s such a fun way to spread a little joy. Maybe we can even paint our own! Stop laughing….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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